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  1. Could you please add strongswan? https://www.strongswan.org/ Thank you!
  2. Hi there, Would it be possible to add tinc VPN: https://tinc-vpn.org/ Thank you Edit: Saw you already added it, thank you so much!!
  3. Hi, I had an issue running this in network=HOST mode. Since port 22 is already taken (by the unRAID server), when the container's sshd tries to bind to port 22, it fails. Then because of supervisor, it constantly tries the same command and ends up spamming the logs. I had to edit the sshd_config file and change the port in order to get it to stop.
  4. Hi, I have scripts that I want to run when I'm not home. I can track my presence using my HomeAssistant setup, however the execution of the script is what I'm stuck on. I tried HTTP POST'ing the URL, but it looks like the script execution buttons are in JS, which won't work for cURL requests. My next attempt would be having a script SSH into the unRAID server and kickoff the script over SSH. Is there an easier way to do this?