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  1. Thanks for the details, when you access the unraid server through the UI do you do it with the IP ( or with the unraid address (UUID.unraid.net)?
  2. Hi all, Ive been off for a while so will reply to all the messages Ive missed in this message: Jokingero I dont think so currently, but I will look into it. @tasmith88 There is some details here: https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI but appreciate that it may not be sufficient, if so feel free to jump on our discord and I can walk you through it. (Link for the discord is in the original post to this thread) @BigWebstas @DTMHibbertis there anything in your Unraid Server logs? Are you able to control VMs? Has it ever worked? @Juan Manuel Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. I did start work on a completely reworked UI/UX but I havent had time to finish it, and as the only developer I doubt I will any time soon to be honest. @LaVerte Have you got the hassio in the mqttBrokerField? If you have anything in any MQTT Environment variable field and you arent using MQTT Id delete them @Jurak Can you see your VMs? Did you use the root user? Is there any errors in either the unraid api logs or the unraid server logs?
  3. Has any one tried: to fix the GPU passthrough issue? Or does anyone know how you would apply a fix like this to unraid?