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  1. I know how to use and write dockerfiles. I am also a developer. I am not really that interested in a tutorial for writing docker images for Unraid(though I Imagine it might be good to write one). What I am curious about is the basic flow the developers on this forum IE YOU go through in writing your own containers for use in Unraid. For example I recently started hosting a Factorio(game) server for a friend. I started by just using someone's docker image and quickly realized that it didn't meet my needs so I forked it and hacked in the needed functionality on GitHub directly(yes I know that is a terrible practice). For future changes to that container and others I'm thinking of using a flow more like this. 1) Build a docker dev environment in a vm on my Unraid server(has anyone here done this? I know better than to assume docker would run in an Unraid VM). 2) Make or fork a project on github 3) pull environment from github, make changes, test and commit For this I would probably use mostly an ssh shell via putty and remote-ftp to edit files though there is no reason why I couldn't just remoteVNC 4) Tie project to dockerHub 5) Install via community applications.