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  1. Not if you do nvme pass through according to SI1 guide. I did the upgrade to gpt with mbr2gpt and all successful. NVME boots now hardware passed to vm and baremetal.
  2. Ok followed the guide....It did not work. And after investigating I see that Win10 was installed Legacy mode. (facepalm) I am wondering how this would have happened as I had this working beginning of 2020. Did a reinstall of windows about 2months ago. Not sure why it would have changed to Legacy as I never changed the BIOS. I am going to try converting Legacy to UEFI by following this https://www.maketecheasier.com/convert-legacy-bios-uefi-windows10/ Otherwise reinstall..... (double facepalm)
  3. The question I have: I want to find out if there is a updated method (video) of passing a already running win10 nvme to a newly created unraid vm. And I am using the Kernel helper docker (ich777) that recompiles the kernel to include the reset patch for amd gpu - which works awesomely well. Unraid setup I want to run - Unraid with Gaming VM (gpu & nvme pass through as bare metal) + VMs to play with for fun and some work poc's and....able to boot from nvme win10 directly if chosen in boot selection of bios. The config I have is as follow: Unraid 6.9.0
  4. Skitals you still gonna wait for RC of 6.9 for a Navi recompile. Can we not speak nicely to them to include your fixes so we get updates as they come along. Surely they can understand our dilemma with the AMD Navi GPU passthrough. Thanks
  5. Hi Remember that the X series Ryzen does not come with integrated graphics processors. Google Search: Does 3900x have integrated graphics? Both the Ryzen 3900X and Ryzen 3950X are X series processors meaning they don't have an integrated graphical processing unit. So you'll have to buy a discrete graphic card along side the processor. We had the same issue when the first Ryzen 2 Threadrippers came out - we bought two machines for work servers and didnt know we had to buy graphics cards...so we couldn't setup the machines until we bought the cards...kids before xmas,
  6. Hi I would like to know if its possible to have multiple virtual displays in a win10 VM. There is the possibility to add display cards but could they be virtual like the VNC? Reason is I want to recreate my work machine into VM and display two screens. Not sure if its possible.
  7. Hi guys I need some help with a win10 vm i created and I followed the link stating how to do the VirtIO drivers. I tried to do it two different ways: 1. When the dialog appears to select the disk to install windows on...there I selected the viostor folder and it loaded the driver for the disk. Then when win10 was loaded I went into the device manager and noticed 4 items unknown. I did the install inf file method as mentioned - right click on inf and install - Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the VirtIO virtual cd-rom to browse its contents. - Naviga
  8. Happy birthday @Squid
  9. Skitals would you be able to {compile the latest kernel} = {magic} with the patches again for us soon ? Thanks
  10. Bud, love it! My machine is working as its supposed to now with the navi patch worked in. I have however had a few hangs...where the machine would hang and then the screen would turn black....I would then have to force stop the VM and I even had a few hard reset on the box. I have now received a notice that my version of unraid is not secure and I need to update urgently to the latest version - security reasons. Would you be able to work this patch into the latest version for us ? tx
  11. My unraid was on 6.8.1 already and decided to downgrade to the rc5 to see if all works for me. I renamed my bz* files - copied in the rc5 bz* files - copied in the Skitals bz* kernel files. I was forced to Delete VM and recreate new VM, as when I tried to pass through one of the USB devices listed inside Form view - Error about not understanding the "Vendor" of a PCI device. The recreate of the VM and then passing through the device and also passing through the nvme bare metal with the HostDev method in XML view worked perfect. Afterwards I used the VFIO-pci-config tool t
  12. Could someone help me with my questions? 1. Location of the older downloads (6.8.0-rc5) on unraid site. 2. nvme placement in my scenario - 1 as cache disk and then 1 as unassigned drive to pass through But then the array is empty....cant start unraid without array....would this mean I need to add another drive just as something into the array section and is there a SIZE REQUIREMENT for that array dummy drive? Seeing that I want to run my VM on passed through nvme controller and disk and the other dockers/vms on the nvme in cache (shares: domains/appdata/system)
  13. 6.8.0-rc5 Where do I download that as the manual downloads page does not provide it and the automated usb creator neither does. "pass through one of the nvmes for win10" - Is this covered in a Space Invader One youtube? "use the other for unraid cache" - Ok so the second one would be cache where you would put unraid "shares" - the domains, system and appdata shares. These are for the use of other vms and dockers etc.... On the placement of the nvmes in unraid the one goes now to cache location ...do I need to put the other one into cache or array ... or do I ju
  14. Hey Skitals I have spoken to you before regarding my rig. I have narrowed my issues down to the reset issue. Running Gigabyte x570 Aorus Ultry Wifi + Ryzen 3700 + Gigabyte rx5700XT Gaming OC + Corsair 16GB x 2 Vengeance RAM + 2 x 2TB nvme. I have managed to restart from scratch and get UnRaid running with Win 10 VM: Win 10 VM (1909) installed with latest win updates Updated devices in Device Manager with virtio drivers: 2 x system devices 1 x network adapter This is all via using VNC to connect for the first time. Thereafter, I edit
  15. Yes you're 100% correct. How do we beg them to place this as priority on fix radar?