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  1. Skitals you still gonna wait for RC of 6.9 for a Navi recompile. Can we not speak nicely to them to include your fixes so we get updates as they come along. Surely they can understand our dilemma with the AMD Navi GPU passthrough. Thanks
  2. Hi Remember that the X series Ryzen does not come with integrated graphics processors. Google Search: Does 3900x have integrated graphics? Both the Ryzen 3900X and Ryzen 3950X are X series processors meaning they don't have an integrated graphical processing unit. So you'll have to buy a discrete graphic card along side the processor. We had the same issue when the first Ryzen 2 Threadrippers came out - we bought two machines for work servers and didnt know we had to buy graphics cards...so we couldn't setup the machines until we bought the cards...kids before xmas, with boxes you can't play with....hmmm
  3. Hi I would like to know if its possible to have multiple virtual displays in a win10 VM. There is the possibility to add display cards but could they be virtual like the VNC? Reason is I want to recreate my work machine into VM and display two screens. Not sure if its possible.
  4. Hi guys I need some help with a win10 vm i created and I followed the link stating how to do the VirtIO drivers. I tried to do it two different ways: 1. When the dialog appears to select the disk to install windows on...there I selected the viostor folder and it loaded the driver for the disk. Then when win10 was loaded I went into the device manager and noticed 4 items unknown. I did the install inf file method as mentioned - right click on inf and install - Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to the VirtIO virtual cd-rom to browse its contents. - Navigate inside the Balloon folder. - Navigate to the subfolder named after your Windows OS version (e.g. w8.1) - Navigate to the amd64 subfolder - Right-click on the balloon.inf file inside and click Install from the context menu (you may need to enable viewing of file extensions to do this) - Repeat the above process for each of the following folders: NetKVM vioserial viostor 2. As another attempt at installing win10 - at that dialog inside the windows install process where you decide where to install win10 on what drive, I did all these steps also mentioned also there. Was not very intuitive and did not display "Baloon installed" or "Network card" installed. It just reverted back to the empty dialog where you decide what disk to install win10 on ....until i got to the viostor inf and it picked up the disk controller and the win10 install continued. With Both the above methods: When win10 install completed and i went to the device manager it displayed a Unkown device under Other devices. I cant get this resolved. Any ideas? Regards EDIT: When you go to the Properties of the device and Details tab and select Hardware Ids the following is presented ACPI\VEN_APP&DEV_0005 ACPI\APP0005 *APP0005 Maybe fixed it with below post? Will see...
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  6. Skitals would you be able to {compile the latest kernel} = {magic} with the patches again for us soon ? Thanks
  7. Bud, love it! My machine is working as its supposed to now with the navi patch worked in. I have however had a few hangs...where the machine would hang and then the screen would turn black....I would then have to force stop the VM and I even had a few hard reset on the box. I have now received a notice that my version of unraid is not secure and I need to update urgently to the latest version - security reasons. Would you be able to work this patch into the latest version for us ? tx
  8. My unraid was on 6.8.1 already and decided to downgrade to the rc5 to see if all works for me. I renamed my bz* files - copied in the rc5 bz* files - copied in the Skitals bz* kernel files. I was forced to Delete VM and recreate new VM, as when I tried to pass through one of the USB devices listed inside Form view - Error about not understanding the "Vendor" of a PCI device. The recreate of the VM and then passing through the device and also passing through the nvme bare metal with the HostDev method in XML view worked perfect. Afterwards I used the VFIO-pci-config tool to create the config file for passing the USB controller through BIND=08:00.0 08.00.1 08.00.3 05.00.0 07.00.0 0f.00.4 I have a extra USB controller card to pass to my VM. And the AMD Navi bug......Working now perfectly. On this note - could Limetech not build this is with a flag to enable if you have a AMD x5700 XT card and experiencing this reset issue....so it becomes mainstream. I am worried that we might get stuck on older builds and having to burden Skitals with rebuild requests of the kernel. Cudos to Skitals for making the fix for us - love it !!!! thanks CrystalDiskMark image included of Win10 VM nvme baremetal....not sure if its good or not. Could not get a driver to replace the redhat one so still on virtualised driver.
  9. Could someone help me with my questions? 1. Location of the older downloads (6.8.0-rc5) on unraid site. 2. nvme placement in my scenario - 1 as cache disk and then 1 as unassigned drive to pass through But then the array is empty....cant start unraid without array....would this mean I need to add another drive just as something into the array section and is there a SIZE REQUIREMENT for that array dummy drive? Seeing that I want to run my VM on passed through nvme controller and disk and the other dockers/vms on the nvme in cache (shares: domains/appdata/system) EDIT: Point #2 I found two 1TB HDD I am now using as array disks. So the array not populated is now sorted. Still need that location to download the 6.8.0-rc5 - then I can use the patch and give it a go. Thanks guys
  10. 6.8.0-rc5 Where do I download that as the manual downloads page does not provide it and the automated usb creator neither does. "pass through one of the nvmes for win10" - Is this covered in a Space Invader One youtube? "use the other for unraid cache" - Ok so the second one would be cache where you would put unraid "shares" - the domains, system and appdata shares. These are for the use of other vms and dockers etc.... On the placement of the nvmes in unraid the one goes now to cache location ...do I need to put the other one into cache or array ... or do I just leave it and the passthrough would take care of it. (just trying to make sense of the placement of the drives. Thanks for the help - APPRECIATE IT !!!!!
  11. Hey Skitals I have spoken to you before regarding my rig. I have narrowed my issues down to the reset issue. Running Gigabyte x570 Aorus Ultry Wifi + Ryzen 3700 + Gigabyte rx5700XT Gaming OC + Corsair 16GB x 2 Vengeance RAM + 2 x 2TB nvme. I have managed to restart from scratch and get UnRaid running with Win 10 VM: Win 10 VM (1909) installed with latest win updates Updated devices in Device Manager with virtio drivers: 2 x system devices 1 x network adapter This is all via using VNC to connect for the first time. Thereafter, I edit the VM properties to select the 5700 as the display and the sound for pass through. Add the downloaded rom for the 5700xt from techpowerup.com. Booting the VM passes the display - which is great! I install the AMD Adrenalin drivers to grant proper gpu usage - replacing the Microsoft Basic display. Display looks nice and sitting at full resolution. Reboot the windows 10 vm - 127 error displayed because of the AMD Navi reset issue (as per Space Invader One vids) Reboot the UnRaid server and start the VM - it works fine. I followed Space Invader One youtube [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uZODoPQH9c ] for the reset script - this works ..... BUT one draw back. Its all good and well you place the server in a suspended state. And then you need to press the power button again....but this would bounce any other dockers/vms you have running on your box?? If you say that the patch should work....could you give me some step by step guide / location where i can read up ->>>> as I am noob regarding linux patching etc? Then on a Array/Cache/Parity drive setup note: I have 2 x 2tb nvme drives, 1 x 500gb mech 2.5" drive and 1 x 256gb ssd drive. My need is to have a win10 gaming pc with gpu pass through, another win10 for work (vnc into it), linux vm (ssh into it). May play around with few dockers etc. Just wanted to know what the best hdd allocation is for my needs. As I setup the 2 nvme drives in the array now and unraid is complaining that ssd is not supported in array. Thanks EDIT: Would it be best to pass the 1 nvme through as dedicated hardware nvme for the gaming pc and install win10 on that. Then use the other nvme as unraid storage for the general VMs and Dockers ?
  12. Yes you're 100% correct. How do we beg them to place this as priority on fix radar?
  13. I am running a AND ryzen 3700 and AMD RX5700XT and sitting with the reset bug. I want to buy unraid but can't as my VMs dont release and then I need to restart the whole HOST PC. Not viable. My trial for Unriad is running out now 3 days left and I am still trying to get it to work with hacks. Is there a fix in the foreseeable future for this bug of no release on the GPU ? Really would love to run Unraid on my box as I am running it on my small HP NAS PC and love it.
  14. Well I was able to pass the graphics through once. But I didnt have keyboard and mouse passed so I restarted the VM...thereafter never again...it starts the VM in VM Manager but then nothing gets passed through. I am running the latest RC9 SysLinuxConfig kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot video=efifb:off PCIe ACS override: Disabled ....for now VM Machine: Q35-4.1 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5700 / 5700 XT (0d:00.0) Graphics ROM BIOS: /mnt/disk1/isos/Gigabyte.RX5700XT.8192.190909.rom Sound Card: AMD Navi 10 HDMI Audio (0d:00.1) USB Devices: Microdia USB Keyboard (0c45:7603) Inside Win10 while in VNC graphics mode I updated the drivers for 3 devices to the Virtual drivers....and I left the graphics card as the standard MS driver. So it booted once as I said and displayed the win10 desktop login screen as passed through screen. Thereafter not once again.....
  15. Will give it a try in the morning, thanks for helping. Edit: Hi Skitals I have created everything brand new, new Unraid image download(latest rc9) cleaned the drives and followed your steps to the T. One thing I did notice that I did wrong previously was that I updated the video card drivers with the Virtio drivers as I would for normal VM operation. After I "did not do the driver update for video card" - it passed the card "once". I did not have keyboard mouse passed so I could not get the VM stopped - Force stopped it. After rebooting the Unraid system for good measure - and passing keyboard - nothing, no card passed to screen. I have tried different output methods (hdmi, DP) as I thought it had something to do with output method used as I used hdmi initially and after getting excited moved my case to its final resting space (not my desk) and used the DP on my 49" Samsung screen. I have seen others complain about the AMD cards and Unraid not working nicely. As a last resort I am going to start over again and just try using a Nvidia card I borrowed from work. Just to see what happens. I am so disappointed in the unsuccessful marriage between AMD 5700XT and Unraid - between AMD reset bug and not even working like mine. If there is anyone out there who has the hardware I have and successfully got Unraid to work with X5700XT / Aorus mobo with pass through graphics....please shout. Maybe one of the reviewers who gets hardware could do a POC for us.
  16. Hi Hi Sleepyme I initially tried the i440fv machine when you create the VM as it comes as the standard config but this did not work for my setup and a friend suggested I use the Q35 machine instead. This also did not work in the end. tx
  17. Hi Skitals Yeh we tried the UEFI boot and then changed it back to normal boot. I have added the boot flag video=efifb:off to the non-gui boot config and it also did not work. I would love to get this working as I have UnRaid running my media storage and its awesome ! Tx
  18. Hi, I have now unsuccessfully tried for a week to get my gigabyte x5700xt card passed through to a win10 pro vm on my trial unraid. Hardware: GB Aorus Ultra mobo F10 GB x5700xt card 32gb ram 2 x 2tb nvme USB 4 port card 2 x displays Requirements: Want unraid as host os with a win10 gaming vm. X5700xt should be passed for gaming. I want second/third vm for work related win/Linux stuff. Could add second video card if required. Peripherals like mouse, keyb, sound should be passed to main gaming vm. Work VMs will be accessed from gaming vm or laptop via RDP or SSH. Failures: I have gone through the space invader one vids and tried to setup the unraid with split iommu groups. All the virtualisation has been switched on in BIOS. Win10 vm was created and it's fine in vnc graphics mode. As soon as I pass the navi10 card and sound card with the GPU ROM passed, it either hangs or does nothing or vm stops. I have temporarily given up by installing win10 on 1st nvme and putting all games and work related stuff on that hardware. The second nvme I kept open for the possibility of trying/messing around with the unraid setup again. Is there anyone who could guide me step by step regarding the GPU pass through and other USB peripherals. If I get it up and running I will document and redo the whole machine with unraid again. Many thanks Righardt