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  1. Yes I understand that now. Going to salvage the drives and USB key in case I can't get a replacement nic for my HP Microserver N36L, the standard NIC is integrated to the motherboard so need to find a low profile one for the 1 spare slot I have.
  2. I thought it might possibly be a configuration issue, did not hurt to try. Oh well it's an old server so might be time to retire it unless I can find a suitable low profile nic card for it.
  3. Changing network settings back to static IPs, etc made no difference status still shows as bond0, bond down and lo, loopback. Looks like it's definitely a dead nic.
  4. As a test I renamed the network.cfg file then rebooted and this is what I get for network settings now (see screen shots).
  5. Was thinking it might be a dead nic. Might be a while before I can pull it apart to add another, in the middle of packing up my house to move. Don't think there is any bios setting to enable it but will check again. ETA: checked BIOS, the only NIC related option in the BIOS is "Embedded NIC Port 1 Control" which is set to "enabled", MAC address also displays in main BIOS screen.
  6. Here are a couple of screen shots of the lspci command output.
  7. For ethtool * I get :- Settings for br0: Supported Ports: [ ] Supported Link Modes: Not reported Supported pause frame use: No Supports auto negotiation: No Supported FEC modes: Not reported Advertised link modes: Not reported Advertised pause frame use: No Advertised auto negotiation: No Advertised FEC modes: Not Reported Speed: Unkown! Duplex: Unknown! (255) Auto-negotiation: Off Port: Other PHYAD: 0 Transceiver: Internal Settings for lo: Link detected: yes Settings for br0: Link detected: yes For lspci I will take a screen shot and post back.
  8. It's listed under the Network Settings, Bonding set to No, Bridging set to Yes. MAC Address not displaying. Network activity light on server not flashing. 2 solid green lights on the port connector.
  9. I have replaced the CMOS battery, made no difference. Have also plugged it into the same network cable my other working Unraid server is normally attached to, no change. Took me a while to get the diagnostic logs to save to where I could find them, see attached file.
  10. Having trouble getting the network interface running so I can download the community applications plugin. Have tried replicating settings from my other running server but no joy so far. I know the network point on my switch is working as I had a Windows 10 PC plugged into it earlier today. ETA: For some reason I'm only seeing interface "LO" not ETH0 on the Dashboard summary. The server is a HP Microserver N36L with a single ethernet port. Have tried everything but I'm stumped now.
  11. Thanks got it done with a bit of mucking around, machine had been switched off so long it had lost some BIOS settings. Also had to use the manual method to make up the USB. Good that I saved the key file though as it was a Plus license. Now I just have to work out how to run preclears on all the drives again, a couple came up with warnings. I also have another UnRaid server that is running fine, just need some more storage LOL.
  12. So I just copy the key file off then do a fresh V6 install on the key then copy the key file back?
  13. Hi, I have fired up my old unraid server that is running 5.0.5 and can get to the console but not access the webgui from another PC. I don't care about the old config as I am going to blow all the drives away and start over to try and get a clean install. I just want to preserve my existing license key on the USB. I have tried looking at the Upgrading to UnRAID v6 guide but the hyperlink isn't working. I'm a little lost as to what to try next.
  14. Thanks RobJ. I'm pretty sure we can recover whatever is on cache now from other sources (at least hubby says he has it elsewhere but needs to check) so it's no massive drama. I think Disk 3 will be OK as it appears to have just dropped offline rather than have an actual hardware problem. I will get hubby to check if the contents of that drive are still held elsewhere. He has a lot of temporary storage areas on other PCs so there is a good chance another copy of most of the data exists.
  15. I have not kicked it off yet, once I do I'll leave the box un-ticked. I did not see your reply in time and it ran as I didn't know how to stop it. Looks like I still have problems, lots of reiserfs errors and mover related entries in the syslog which I have attached. The problem drive is in green status and the share is still amber so I'm not sure what to do next. Edit: I just noticed that the reiserfs and other errors are logged against device sdb1 (my cache drive) and the drive that dropper offline was sdf. Also, my drives are all getting pretty full, 96% is the minimum level. Edit 2: Have also added the Smart report for SDB1, it has 2 current pending sectors so looks like it might be a bit sick. Being my cache drive how can I recover from this? SMART_Report_SDB1_20160618.txt