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  1. So I've just found out about unRaid only few days ago, played with it a lot and I was converted to it's idea instantly. This is the best thing in NAS software that I found in years.. until I found out about the poor FTP feature. So sad to see you have finally dumped the idea of advancing the FTP server. SMB and FTP are the essential services I just need in a NAS. Just like Pducharme, I was so happy when everything else in unRaid worked so great.. I tried to give both SlrG's FTP apps a chance, spent many hours with it, but it's not an option. It almost makes me cry that I finally will not be able to use unRaid because of this. Well, I hope some day..
  2. Hi all, I'm new here, trying to read through as many threads as I can, currently testing my setup.. (it would be good if the blog url in the original post would still work, btw). From what I've learned so far, one of the nice advantages of having a share limited to individual discs is in a scenario, when there are data that you need on a daily basis (in my case music, work docs..) and keep them on a single disc, so the rest of the discs doesn't have to spin up each time you switch to another track or artist.. Especially if more users are using it..