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  1. Have you had any luck getting yours working again? I'm still getting rejections from it... Edit Ok, working now, had to completely remove the container and re-add, configure it again.
  2. My container has suspiciously stopped responding to requests. It's worked in the past, and I don't believe I've changed anything that would affect the ability of it to respond. Last logs: > Output is: 777 calibre 100 calibre 99 > Permissions: 777 > Assigned group: calibre > Assigned group ID: 100 > Assigned owner: calibre > Assigned owner ID: 99 > Using permissions for checks: 0777 > Everyone has write access at /books [INFO] The mapped volume for /books contains a Calibre database file 'metadata.db' which will be used [INFO] kindlegen (Amazon Kindle Generat
  3. I got this up and running last night, and it's great - but I cant seem to change the config file at all. Any save throws a permission error when editing across the network. Looking at the permissions for the file everyone has read access - but for some reason my wife's account has write access as well (note: my wife is not technically inclined and I would never explicitly give her permission to do much of anything on the server aside from saving her photos to a share)?!?
  4. Is it possible to use the letsencrypt docker with multiple TLDs (e.g., and
  5. I've got LetEncrypt running, with OpenVPN, and DDClient. The VPN works - but only intermittently. The most common issue is a timeout. However, other service running on my box (e.g., Plex) work just fine. Am I possibly missing a setting?
  6. Interesting, searching on NewEgg the ST4000DM000 is $111, and the ST4000VN000 is $197, but on Amazon I'm seeing $108/$121, so yea... that makes it an easier decision!
  7. I'm looking at either 2x ST4000VN000 or 2x ST4000DM000 for starter drives in my first unRAID box. (1 for parity, the other as one of a few data drives, the others to be scavenged from existing drives) I understand the NAS drive has "special things that make it better". But it's also significantly more expensive. Are the differences significant enough in an unRAID system? I've read that the main bottleneck is the network - which I can understand, and will remain so for one of the systems primary users will be over wifi. So are the difference performance related, or