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  1. Can someone help with a docker install script for Mayan-EDMS? This is such a fantastic document management system that would be so helpful for many. It seems like most of the work is done and just needs a template so we can set document volumes, etc. It's above my abilities but maybe someone here can do it? #!/bin/sh set -e # This script is meant for quick & easy install via: # $ curl -fsSL get.mayan-edms.com -o get-mayan-edms.sh # $ sh get-mayan-edms.sh # # NOTE: Make sure to verify the contents of the script # you downloaded matches the contents
  2. There are a couple disk intensive dockers out there that will do this on my system as well.
  3. I'm running 6.5.3 with 2 ssd cache drives, and 8 8tb drives formatted to xfs. The server becomes unresponsive several times a day for a few to several minutes with top showing shfs at 100%. Often Java and Crashplan (docker) is up there at the same time but not always. What are some things I should be looking at to fix this?
  4. What is gained by updating the docker container if we updated Nextcloud through its GUI?
  5. What are the weekly (or that's what it seems like) container updates doing? Where can I find the changelog? I updated Nextcloud through its WebGUI, do I need to also do the container updates through unRAID?
  6. I followed Spaceinvaderone's video in getting Nextcloud running with letsencrypt and a personal DNS and everything seems to be working great. However, if I go to my public IP address I land on a page that shows: Welcome to our server The website is currently being setup under this address. For help and support, please contact: me@example.com Is there a way to prevent that?
  7. Duplicati dies a lot on my system. It becomes unresponsive, I can't get to the webpage but I can get into the console. Top from within the container shows zero cpu and memory. I can't get the container to stop even if I issue the kill command. Any ideas on what I should look for?
  8. Sounds like they won't support any Linux file system except unencrypted ext4. I received the email from them today that identified my unRAID server using your docker as not compatible beginning November 1. Luckily, I just got Nextcloud running so goodbye Dropbox.
  9. Is there a way do get Nextcloud to OCR and index my documents with this install? I tried installing Elastic Search but unfortunately it looks like I would need to run things from the command line so it wouldn't persist after container updates.
  10. Here's their new process for installing the current version https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mayan-edms/IMjVzpMn6PU Can I just run this from the unRAID command line and have it set up the docker container?
  11. I have syncthing setup and working perfectly but I need to add another share to give syncthing access. Right now I have "/mnt/user/unRAID/" set as "/sync" in Host Path 2. I would like to change that to "mnt/user/" to give access to other shares. Is this possible without the docker reinstalling and losing the current settings? I've made similar changes to other docker containers and it's resulted in losing all the settings and the container installing fresh.
  12. https://github.com/RyanNoelk/OpenEats They have a container that I installed in a VM but I thought an unRAID template would get some interest from others. It's a great web based multi-user recipe manager.
  13. I have unassigned devices installed and planned on using the ext3 formatted Drobo S as a backup. When I plug it in, get this in unassigned devices "Please wait, retrieving information ..." but nothing ever shows. This shows up in the log: Feb 9 06:38:22 Adama unassigned.devices: benchmark: shell_exec(/usr/sbin/hdparm -C /dev/sdb 2>/dev/null| /bin/grep -c standby) took 31.702892s. Feb 9 06:40:00 Adama kernel: usb 2-1.8: reset high-speed USB device number 7 using ehci-pci Feb 9 06:40:16 Adama kernel: usb 2-1.8: reset high-speed USB device number 7 using ehci-pci Fe