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  1. Sorry. Didn't mean to complain about my blessings. 😏 I am fortunate to have access to fiber and currently get 500/500 but my gaming PC has smaller Nvme storage so was looking for quick way to swap installed games if I need to. My unraid cache is raid 0 850 evos and I have 1TB total there so I will just keep the lancache on the unraid cache array. SSD to Nvme is currently bottle necked by my network. I know its a minor issue to "wait" on 500mbs downloads. Thanks for the assistance and work on this docker.
  2. Mover ran last night and moved lancache off my SSD cache and to my spiny disk array which is how I had things setup. Lancache appears to be working still but speed is horrendous. Only getting 20MB/s with high CPU usage when trying to pull data. At these speeds it will be much faster to just DL from internet. I am moving lancache back over to my SSD cache and will retest. I knew speeds would be slower than pulling from SSD but I was not expecting that sort of drop off.
  3. Just this afternoon I have tested steam and downloaded destiny 2, doom, and a few others. After they downloaded I uninstalled and reinstalled and it pulled from cache and maxed out my current 1Gbe network connection.
  4. Awesome everything is working. I have saturated my 1Gbe connection from my server to my gaming PC. Next stop, 10Gbe install this weekend.
  5. That did the trick! Docker is running but still need to test functionality. Thanks!
  6. I cannot get this docker to run. I have left the template at it's default for all of the IP settings and pointed the data to a local share. Looking at the log I am getting an error on the last line of the log snippet below related to nginx permissions or missing file/dir. I am not sure what I should be looking at to resolve this. Executing hook /hooks/entrypoint-pre.d/19_doc_root_setup /var/www/html already exists. Setting document root to /var/www/html Executing hook /hooks/entrypoint-pre.d/ Running fast permissions check Fast permissions check successful, if you have any permissions error try running with -e FORCE_PERMS_CHECK = true Executing hook /hooks/entrypoint-pre.d/20_ssl_setup Not enabling SSL as neither key nor cert provided. Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/ checking Bind9 config Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/20_test_files_setup Checking if /var/www/html is empty - Directory not empty.. don't touch content Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/21_cleanup_log_files Cleaning up log files older than 3560 days Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/ Setting Upstream DNS to Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/ Configuring Bind... Executing hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/ Configuring Nginx... chown: cannot access '/var/log/nginx/*': No such file or directory ERROR: hook /hooks/supervisord-pre.d/} returned a non-zero exit status '0'
  7. I am new to unraid since building a setup over Christmas. Over the last week or so I have noticed that after the system is up for awhile I end up getting a single core stuck at 100%. It will alternate between cores but always stays pegged at 100%. I have also noticed I have had issues stopping the array or rebooting and believe this is what has been causing the hangup. Using top I see that its caused by kworker and I have tried using the kill PID (using 8485 for the PID) and it does nothing. I have attached my diagnostics and would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. P.S. I did have the dynamix cache directories plugin active but in my early troubleshooting I saw other in the forum stating they felt this plugin may be causing similar symptom I am having so I have it disabled and I still had this issue occur. Thanks, Nick