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  1. Thank you both. Should it be asking for a new passphrase? I thought I followed the directions. Should I put the old passphrase in twice at this point?
  2. Back on track. Many thanks! Is there an easy way to identify the parity disk? The 5 disks are side by side in the server but not in a particular order. Finally, does one just stop the array and insert the new disk once the proper bay is identified? Thanks again.
  3. How is that rebuild done? The real Disk #3 is in its original drive bay and the activity light is on, but as indicated on the main page it is showing "not installed." The array is currently doing a "Read-Check" for the last 9+ hours. That is not the rebuild is it?
  4. Was attempting to upgrade my array to 8 TB but pulled the disk #3 out instead of the Parity disk. I put it back in but now it says it is not installed. In the middle of this I also upgraded to Version 6.7.0. What is my next best move to restore the array? What other information would be helpful? Thank you, Ken
  5. Will need to make some time for this unless there is a way to run Memtest in a headless configuration? The slow loading "page unresponsive" resolved by turning off the Grammarly extension. Probably does not resolve all these errors.
  6. Is there a way to run Memtest in a headless configuration?
  7. Of course. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20190111-2229.zip
  8. Could slow DNS server settings in my router cause this?
  9. This started before and continued after I upgraded to 6.6.6. It takes about a minute to become responsive after any action is selected. Initially, it seemed to be associated with the unassigned devices but having removed that device I still get to wait a minute between actions. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Ken
  10. In case there is someone else who experiences this problem, my cure was to turn on the SMB settings in Control Panel>add windows features>services inside the Win10 VM.
  11. Very grateful for this solution! My own inept troubleshooting efforts led me to believe the fault was with the unRaid system.
  12. Having the same problem after months of successful use. When I try to go to the WebUI I get this==> Running the Windows diagnostics returns this ==> If I change port 8112 to 8113 I get the same thing. Many thanks in advance to anyone who has a solution.
  13. Is there a setting or template modification that will allow Windows Explorer in a VM to see the Tower shares? All of my physical machines can see all other machines (VM’s and physical) plus the Tower shares under the network tab, but VM’s can only see the physical machines plus itself but not the Tower shares.
  14. Good point, I will edit the VMs and see what happens next. The memory warning resolved with a reboot. Many thanks
  15. Win 10 is the only one running. Ran out of memory when Win 10, Win 8, and LibreElec were all running. Win 8 and LibreE are not starting now as seen in the screen capture.