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  1. Thinking of getting this for parity, yes/no?
  2. Running 6.2.1, I have the 6.2.2 update pending a reboot. Wondering if I can just run the plugin again to get 6.2.3 and reboot. Or do I have to get 6.2.2 up and running if its sitting in the queue?
  3. "NFS connectivity issues with some media players" is a little vague Openelec boxes and linux/windows PCs work fine?
  4. And we're off! Thanks for your promptness, RobJ.
  5. Ah right, needs to be zeroed first (it's been a while). So just preclear with the "-n" option to skip pre and post read?
  6. I had a disk red ball on a bad sata cable, added a new disk and rebuilt fine. Now I'd like to add the first disk back and expand the array. But when stopping the array and selecting the original disk to add, I'm only given the option to clear the disk. Is this a misnomer? It was precleared a while ago and smart tests still show everything is fine. When I press the clear button, will it skip that part and just start formatting the disk and make the array available shortly? Or do I really have to preclear it again?
  7. Can turbo write be explained a little bit more, please? That's not like writing to a cache first, correct?
  8. Ran preclear 1.15 on a brand new ST4000DM000, and it gave: Spin_Retry_Count = 100 100 97 near_thresh 0 End-to-End_Error = 100 100 99 near_thresh 0 Airflow_Temperature_Cel = 69 71 45 near_thresh 33 No SMART attributes are FAILING_NOW 0 sectors pending, etc the rest of the way drive ok?
  9. Jesus, I haven't even rebooted to update to rc1, do I have to reboot first or can I update to rc2 and reboot?
  10. Say what? So for a 2TB drive, I should keep 400MB empty? Any official documentation on this topic?
  11. So I've started a preclear on a 4TB drive but I just read that my building is shutting off the power sometime overnight for some maintenance. Preread will finish but I'll have to shut the server during the zeroing. Is it OK to just do a ctrl-c on the script during the zeroing, shut down the server, start up in the morning and preclear again but skipping the preread? I presume if I get to the zeroing stage tonight, it'll mean the preread was error free? Thanks in advance.