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  1. Yes, I had two shares: /media and /downloads instead of sending my files to downloads first then moved to media I just created subfolders within media and redid all my paths today. I have my cache for the share set to yes. Not sure what is causing the issue.
  2. I upgraded to 6.9, and then moved one of my two shares into one folder so I could take advantage of atomic moves. Now anything that I download is saving to the cache drive
  3. This works for my system, but anytime I have to shutdown my server I have to edit the go file and reenter the modprob info. Any ideas on reboot why this gets removed?
  4. I am looking to upgrade to a unraid system pretty soon here. I have a good setup now, but eventually am looking to upgrade to a dual xeon setup. My question is this: Can I covert a unraid system over to a new system if I have to swap out all new hardware? Motherboard, Cpu, memory and etc?
  5. I guess either way would be fine. I am converting the windows 10 PC into a unraid system I just want to make sure I move all my data over without losing anything. I have more hard drives I am going to setup to the unraid. but I need to move over this 6tb of data somehow.
  6. So I am planning on moving to unraid, but need to make sure I can move my data. I currently have a windows 10 PC that is used as a HTPC for Plex media streaming. How would I go about moving all my movies & tv shows to a new unraid system that is on a Windows OS hard drive?