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  1. Thanks Squid. I rebooted this morning and problem has gone away ... for now! I'll check out the path mappings. Could be my link to all the video files that are still on the old server TPHS03, a QNAP box. Cheers.
  2. Just got this error in "Fix Common Problems". Rootfs file is getting full (currently 100 % used) The suggestion there was: Possibly an application is storing excessive amount of data in /tmp. Seek assistance on the forums and post your So ... I am posting in the forum and uploading my diagnostic zip ... Hope you gurus can help me out! Cheers Tall-Pines tphs04-diagnostics-20180420-1711.zip
  3. I now have my server connected to a CyberPower 1350 VA 810 Watts UPS. I can see that the UPSsettings displays the current Line Voltage. Is it possible to view a historical graph of this to monitor brownouts etc? I can recall having my PC connected to a UPS many years ago and the Windows App had great graphing and historical data for analysis purposes. Cheers.
  4. Although I am a Windows dude ... I have my new Unraid box up and running with both binhex-plexpass and plexpy. Great info and stats on this new server. My question is ... I am still running my old Plex server on an existing Windows 10 box on the same network. I can access both Plex Servers from clients. I plan to continue to run the old Plex for a few months until all the media data is migrated from old home servers and a QNAP box to the new Unraid box. Any chance I can run two instances of Plexpy to monitor both the Unraid Plex and the Windows Plex servers? Maybe that is just too goofy? Thanks for reading my henpecking.