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  1. Can you try running telly with the `-deviceid 87654321` option?
  2. Hey, When adding it to plex you'll have to click the button to manually input an address: yourTellyDockerIP:6077 We're working on SSDP/UPnP support to make this whole process automatic, but it isn't complete just yet. T
  3. Quite possibly! telly is functioning correctly - I'd see if @manolodf has any idea
  4. That's correct - do you see all your IPTV data if you go to /lineup.json ?
  5. That's your problem - Plex doesn't like over ~400 channels
  6. Correct what @Porkie said. telly will try to do EPG stuff in the future, though.
  7. Name: telly - an IPTV proxy for Plex Live TV Docker Hub: Git: unRAID template: Join us on Discord: telly takes your existing m3u file or URL from your provider of choice and acts as a device that Plex Live TV supports, enabling you to watch and records your favourite shows on Plex! For a more indepth guide to set telly up, please see @manolodf's post here: To initially set it up, either point the playlist option to your file or URL. Set the 'streams' option to how many streams your provider supports, telly defaults this to `1` but supports unlimited. Once you have telly running, you can follow the "Adding it to Plex" setup guide @ Feel free to post any questions/issues/requests in this thread!
  8. Hey all Glad to see you're all liking telly. I'm the dev - couple of nice updates coming up - Docker builds will be automated & on my own Docker cloud account: - The sed command will no longer be required A couple guys on the Discord have been poking me to see about getting telly on unraid properly, as I've never really (shamelessly!) used Unraid; what's required & is it even possible? T