[Support] telly - IPTV on Plex Live TV

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Name: telly - an IPTV proxy for Plex Live TV
Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/tombowditch/telly/
Git: https://github.com/tombowditch/telly
unRAID template: https://github.com/tombowditch/docker-templates

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/bnNC8qX


telly takes your existing m3u file or URL from your provider of choice and acts as a device that Plex Live TV supports, enabling you to watch and records your favourite shows on Plex!


For a more indepth guide to set telly up, please see @manolodf's post here: 

To initially set it up, either point the playlist option to your file or URL. Set the 'streams' option to how many streams your provider supports, telly defaults this to `1` but supports unlimited. Once you have telly running, you can follow the "Adding it to Plex" setup guide @ https://github.com/tombowditch/telly/blob/master/README.md.
Feel free to post any questions/issues/requests in this thread!

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Hey all, here are some quick setup instructions.  Telly is now part of Community Applications for Unraid so it is much easier. 


1. Go to the Apps Tab of your Unraid Control Panel.  

2. Search for "Telly" in the Community Applications search bar. You should see Telly by tombowditch in the search results. Click the blue Install Icon.

3. Fill in the configuration options to  your likings, set the # of streams your provider allows, the url or file path to your m3u file from your provider and any other commands.  You can also map any other paths or modify them to your needs.


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Updated install instructions.
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I think there may be improvements but EPG data is typically up to your IPTV Provider to supply.   Some URLs do work on Plex from IPTV provider but if I remember someone correctly I think it has to be .xml and not .xml.gz  on the URL so it is a bit finicky with that.     But EPG data is more up to Plex and your IPTV Provider to supply EPG and letting plex pull that in.  From what I understand it is not something that gets proxied.  


Not sure if someone has successfully played with webgrabplus to emit an EPG.xml file that will work well, or if at some point plex is able to receive xstream-editor xml url properly. 

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Ok well plex in my case is having awful trouble with the EPG. The URL i was provided by my IPTV provider doesnt seem to work with plex. and just there I tried to let plex find what ever EPG it could on its own and it got to 11% download and appears to have stopped. I can still access plex through another tab but DVR has not been added. 

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Yea its over 1300 channels. but it got to 11% in a matter of seconds then stopped for over 10 minutes and when i tried to just x out no button on the browser were working. I have just tried to log in to my unraid server this second and I actually cant access my unraid server at all.... 




But strangely my plex is still running fine in the docker...

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Ah ok.... there you go. Thanks for the info. I really liked the idea of this. gonna have to get onto the plex devs to get their finger out :P 

This will have to wait until then.




Unraid came back up when I opened a new tab and reopened it... stange one. 

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2 minutes ago, tazire said:

gonna have to get onto the plex devs to get their finger out :P 

Since its designed do simulate an OTA Tuner that normally gets 30-40 channels tops, that is why an IPTV with hundreds of channels overwhelms it.  Would be great if it didnt, but I think its just not designed for that. 

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Not able to find the server in my plex container, strange. But I find my Silicondust HDHomeRun EXPAND on

Have testet to add Telly manualy


Telly: set as bridge

Plex: set as host (linuxserver/plex)


If I visit Telly "url" I get following 

1 0 urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaServer:1 telly Silicondust HDHR-2US HDHR-2US uuid:12345678


Docker "log" file;

[telly] [info] booting telly v0.4.1
[telly] [info] Downloading file http://xxx:xxxx@
[telly] [info] Reading m3u file /tmptelly.m3u...
[telly] [warning] telly is not attempting to strip out unneeded channels, please use the flag -filterregex if telly returns too many channels
[telly] [info] telly is currently not filtering for only uk television. if you would like it to, please use the flag -uktv
[telly] [info] found 36 channels
[telly] [info] creating discovery data
[telly] [info] creating lineup status
[telly] [info] creating device xml
[telly] [info] creating webserver routes
[telly] [info] Building lineup
[telly] [info] listening on

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