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  1. I did get this sorted. It was a security file which isnt mentioned in the spaceinvaderone video. I'll edit this post when I find it but I cant for the life of me remember where I found it at the moment. It was just a copy paste thing so I dont remember the details atm I'm afraid. I will say I havent actually put RC back into use like I had it but the container is there, running just fine ready for whenever/ if I ever decide to use it. EDIT That solved my issues.
  2. I havent tried to a mounted NFS share to host my appdata but I dont see why you couldnt just use the SSD array as your appdata drive?? unless its too small ofc. MAybe just get a decent sized SSD to handle this side of things for you? I use an NVME for this as I find the quicker access times and speed really make all my containers super snappy.
  3. Yes I did and have it running atm. Its not without its issues though. In my experience I could only access the CLI on first install so I needed to get everything setup the first time. I had to get it setup in multi inbox mode and save all the login details at this point. I have no way to access the CLI after this. I cant change any details or settings but its still running and working just fine other than that.
  4. did you ever get this sorted? I currently have a truenas server I want to mount in unraid. I have it mounted using UD as an SMB share but it is extremely unstable and connection drops regularly. I have tried using NFS too but for the life of me I just cant get the permissions working properly. So at this point I'm just looking for any option to mount a network drive in unraid thats stable.
  5. After recent update the following will appear in rocketchat logs and just not proceed any further. Change Stream is available for your installation, give admin permissions to your database user to use this improved version. This isnt the first time ive had an issue like this. Had the same issue a while back and re installed everything. I havent put it back into use as I wanted to monitor a few updates before I did. And now this again. Any idea what to do?
  6. Looks like im going to have the same trouble with TOTP if I upgrade to 20.0.7. Anyone else have this warning?
  7. I have an idea as to what happened... When I was downloading the .tar file I noticed there is a version of TOTP released already for NC 21-22 which according to the documentation doesnt support NC 20... Id say my instance of NC noticed this as the latest release and that its not compatible and therefore wont show it or allow me to download it. Either way its good to know what to do should it happen again.
  8. Yea im about to go through the manual process of installing the app now... just looking at the appdata for nextcloud it appears to have fully removed the app files from the app folder. I get that during install it may for whatever reason show the app as incompatible with that version but im surprised it has disappeared from the app list as a download option! EDIT No joy on first attempt.... docker exec -it nextcloud occ app:install twofactor_totp Error: Could not download app twofactor_totp EDIT 2 Solved it... I downloaded the .tar file fully extracted it and put it in the apps folder in the appdata and restarted nextcloud. The app re appeared in the disabled list for me. Enabled it and seems to be working as before. Still held the same link to my Google Auth app too. Was expecting to have to set this up again and delete the old one but seems to be fine.
  9. not just yet... but i havent actually sat down to try fix it. Ill keep you posted.
  10. Anyone else have issues with Two-Factor TOTP Provider since the update to 20.0.6? The app has disappeared from my list... Its not in my disabled list, active list nor am I able to download it from the apps section. Problem I have is that it was active prior to the update and nextcloud is still looking for 2FA but says it hasnt been configured, as shown. I have managed to disable it for now but id like to actually have it active. Anyone else experience/fix this?
  11. Just looking for a bit of help with the Admin token. Its been a long time since I had to access it so I have no idea what it was. I tried to replace the token in the edit container section... container is back up but the new token doesnt work. What is the correct way to reset/change the admin token? EDIT Nevermind... just went to the appdate and config.json and found the set token.
  12. i was looking at mattermost... i had a quick try to get it working but couldnt get it to connect to a database for whatever reason. Didnt spend alot of time with it though. I was thinking about nextcloud but i dont want to use my own nextcloud for my chat. TBH my ideal app would be a self hosted discord server. I really like all the features it has.
  13. cheers for the response. I have just started from scratch. Stopped using it completely for now and im looking into alternatives at this point.
  14. did you ever get this sorted? im having the same issue.
  15. yea if im honest i havent liked mongo at all. i use maria with my nextcloud and have found it rock solid. but ive been using this with rocketchat and its very flakey I had it corrupt on me in my early use. Then it seemed more stable so i deployed if for my use case and now this. im on the most recent build for it. i have left it stopped until the most recent build just to see if that solved my problem but it hasnt. thanks for getting back to me but looks like its a fresh install and hope for the best.