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  1. most recent update seems to start using the new transcoder? starting to see (hw) for transcode and decode now. I can get rid of the script now i take it. working nicely.
  2. is plex still limited by the number of channels it can have from an iptv? I had an issue with this in the past as my iptv provider had 2000+ channels
  3. Just so you know I finished the upgrade and it all went very smoothly. The one thing I would say is make sure your BIOS is fully up to date and then everything else was very smooth and very stable since. I didn't have to make any BIOS changes or turn off C states. everything is very stable. The only issue I did have that I haven't returned to is the RAM speed. I am aware that Ryzen works better at the higher RAM speeds. And I had it at 3000 but it just wasn't stable. I imagine I just needed to tweek the voltage to the RAM but I was more interested in getting everything up and running stable and just haven't returned to this side of it. As for the results I'm delighted. crazy powerful and very overkill for my needs really. Also I went for 64gb of ram in the end. just means i can plex transcode on RAM which is nice.
  4. really hope they get the linux nvidia support up and running. I have this set up as per spaceinvaders video but the slow trans-coding is keeping me from actually using this. got a p4000 in the waiting for this when it does get supported. just out of curriosity, does anyone know if this is something that is being worked on?
  5. I'm starting to run into a strange issue. I can no longer play media on the Web browser. I haven't tested this fully as I'm not at home. But I literally went through a big upgrade. Now a Ryzen 7 1700 with 32gb of ram and a p4000 I have the whole lot up and running and the transcoding works as best it can using the p4000. But when I try play anything with the we player I get this error in the logs. usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex DLNA Server: relocation error: /usr/lib64/libssl.so.1.0.0: symbol ENGINE_init version OPENSSL_1.0.0 not defined in file libcrypto.so.1.0.0 with link time reference Just FYI I have changed from transcoding to an SSD to ram. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Sorry I'm not at home to give full logs right now.
  6. I have managed to get a hold of a ryzen 1700 on the cheap and am upgrading my server. Obviously knowing the issues for the early adopters, C-states etc, is there anything I should do/ be aware of when I first upgrade my server? I have read just to make sure bios etc is fully up to date. Just fyi Old Server New Server 4790S R7 1700 16gb DDR 3 32gb DDR4 igpu P4000 Cheers in advance
  7. Im having a RAM issue with my plexpass docker atm. Basically RAM usage just keeps going up until it uses every last bit of it. I have now had to restart the docker once a day to ensure it doesnt reach 100% usage. I knew about the issues with sonarr and radarr etc and although the usage for these can be irritating they dont hog the RAM nearly as much or a quickly as plexpass has started to. Any idea what may be causing this? And what is needed to possibly diagnose this issue.
  8. With Plex only supporting encoding with Nvidia and not decoding what does this mean for end users? or does the rest of my system just pick up the decoding slack? Also fair play on the work on this to date. I just got my hands on a cheap p4000 and im hoping not to have to create a windows VM just to use it.
  9. can this not be achieved by passing it through to the docker? same way the igpu was passed through in order to use quicksync? EDIT Just found the answer that there is no integrated nvidia drivers!!
  10. I just got a very good deal on a P4000 €500! just curious if i need any drivers or anything of the sort to get it up and running. I only really intend to use it for plex... overkill i know but a p2000 is 500 over here anyway.
  11. This.... fair play thanks for that. deleted and re added my account and all is working as it should be.
  12. ok i went in through putty rather than the console and got the following result root@553d247f5e00:/$ find /config/nginx -name \*.conf -exec grep -H client_max_body_size {} \; /config/nginx/nginx.conf: client_max_body_size 0; appears that its not finding every instance in every file. I know it is also in the proxy.conf and the nextcloud.conf but again each one is set to 0.
  13. Thanks for the help. i just tried that command and i got this issue find: -exec requires an argument
  14. ive checked all the .conf files I could find and they all seem to say client_max_body_size 0. I just ment that the proxy.conf is the only place I found it set to 10M but I changed it and still no joy. But again as i said it only seems to effect the windows client. I have updated to the latest client just to see if that helped but no joy ATM.
  15. Getting a very strange issue atm. I have files that I am trying to upload from my desktop using the synced folder. pics and videos mostly. With all the videos I get the error 413 request entity too large. I understand this relates to a client_max_body_size variable somewhere being set too small. So i went through all the .conf files and replaced the proxy.conf variable to 0. This is the only one that I could find with the variable set to 10M. There is also a client_body_buffer_size 16k but im not sure if that effects it at all? This only occurs with the synced folder in windows. I can access the webui and upload that way just fine. Thats the thing I find strange. Any ideas?