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  1. Ok just for anyone who happens to have the same problem. I ended up just reformatting my cache drives, reseating them to make sure it wasnt a connection issue and then just restored all my appdata using the plugin and readded my dockers. Slightly time consuming but worth it in the end. No more errors
  2. Exact error is as follows Apr 27 22:32:53 SERVER kernel: BTRFS critical (device sdaa1): corrupt node: root=5 block=1759166464 slot=120, bad key order, current (81626601 84 706685372) next (81592320 12 81626604) I googled it a bit and was wondering if I simply reformat my cache drives and start from an appdata backup will this resolve the issue? Server is runninng and I can use everything but the error is repeating and filling up the logs. any help greatly appreciated.
  3. hmmm got this installed there but having issues... unraid sees the card but when i plug the eithernet cable in i get nothing at all (light doesnt even appear on the switch to indicate connection)... plugged back into the motherboard 1gbe nic and all fine... EDIT Nevermind. This solved my issue.
  4. Perfect thanks for the definitive answer. I might try dual link with my current setup as I believe I have unoccupied backplanes I can just disconnect just to see what if any difference I feel In other uses. I have a few other things I'll be doing separately to try improve my streaming experience in the mean time. Thanks again
  5. I only have a very odd 4k file thats maybe more than that. But the other thing is this was never an issue for me prior to the lockdown. And the increase in people using my server. Its just the usage on the server seems to be slowing down my experience. So i was just trying to figure out if there is anything i can do to get everything back working seemlessly. Without going to much into the problem my main question is would a change in expansion card and change to dual link to the HBA improve the throughput and possibly my experience? This is very much a hobby for me too so i enjoy all the upgrading and learning about this stuff too. I mean i really have no real reason to upgrade to 10Gb networking but again i just enjoy all that kinda stuff. Anyway thanks for the input either way.
  6. How do you do this? Sorry never heard of this. Unless you mean transcode to RAM which I already have setup.
  7. Its not something i had noticed until this lockdown though... with more and more people accessing my plex server it seems the throughput of the HBA or expansion is possibly slowing down my experience. Just that with 2 or 3 people possibly reading data from 2 or 3 different drives at once it leaves less throughput for me to watch what i want. Im just wondering if the upgrade in expansion card and going to a dual link to the HBA will improve my experience?
  8. Its not so much about the speed.... as improving my personal experience within my home. Atm i am having slowdown viewing 4k content from my plex server while 2 to 3 others are watching from my server. This is direct play 4k content so i know its not a transcoding issue. Im essentially just trying to eliminate the bottlenecks which may be causing this. It may simply be the read speed of the drives are causing the issue but I just want to elimate the throughput of the drive access as a possible cause.
  9. Title says it all really. I currently have a 24 bay setup with 19 bays populated. my current setup is r7 1700 64gb RAM at default speed nvidia p4000 hba lsi 9240 8i Expander RES2SV240 1GB NIC soon to be 10GB Basically im looking to maximise my drive speeds as best i can. From reading other threads I was kinda leaning towards an expander upgrade to the RES2CV360 and use a dual link to the existing HBA, currently single link to the RES2SV240. Im just curious will the HBA be the bottleneck in this instance and should i upgrade it for best performance? Cheers in advance.
  10. Sorry to reopen an old thread but its exactly my question. I have the ASUS card on the way. Just curious if its as simple as plug and play or is there some level of configuration involved?
  11. No i never did after. Just couldnt get it working right. I didnt give it an awful lot of thought after the initial effort though.
  12. In relation to getting this to work with nextcloud.... If i remove the scan path set will that stop the auto scanning? Then im setting the path to clamav in nextcloud. Then I plan on setting this path in the nextcloud settings. Hope is that clamav instance sits idle until nextcloud activates it to scan uploads?? Just setting this up now so ive no idea if it will work.
  13. Same issue here. i just went with the docker and its all working as expected. just left the app alone while its early days.
  14. The app and community server app within nextcloud did get an update very recently. this is exactly the issue im having. i tried getting the community server app within nextcloud to work when it was updated but still no joy on that. EDIT- Found this on github https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/onlyoffice-nextcloud/issues/228