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  1. Hello, thanks for reading into my issue. Lately, I have been having an issue with my windows mining VMs that I did not have with the initial release of unraid 6.9 or even 6.8.3. Before the update to 6.9.2, I had been running (3) windows VMs for mining cryptos. They ran flawlessly 24/7 365 with no hiccups. After the update to either 6.9 or 6.9.2, the VMs are pausing every couple of hours, and I cannot find a solution to the problem. I have rebooted the server a few times, hoping this would resolve the issue, but that did nothing. I re-installed a
  2. Hello, thanks for reading into my issue. I created this post to figure out how to remove the "not installed" error in my array. I removed the 500gb SSD that was added to the array to use in unassigned devices. I placed this disk in the array by mistake. It is not supposed to be there. Now, in the array, I have a disk 6 error of "not installed" I would like to know how to remove this and get my array back to normal. Please let me know if you need any more information and I will provide it. Any and all help is appreciated. -Thanks
  3. Hello, Thanks for reading into my issue. I'm not certain as to what the root cause of this problem is. I just upgraded mobo's from an Asrock B550 AM4 to an Asrock x570 steel legend. The ASUS XG-C100C 10gbe NIC worked completely fine in the original B550 build, no bootup/recognizing issues on my LAN whatsoever. Using the ASUS XG-C100C 10gbe in my upgraded system with the Asrock x570 board has been giving me issue were my LAN cannot access/see my unraid server. Moreover, I removed the ASUS XG-C100C 10gbe nic and replaced it with a MELLANOX Connectx-2 to see if i
  4. Not sure what is going on with my Binhex Delugevpn. Docker was working flawlessly in :test connected to Montreal with next gen config. I was getting up to 10MB/s down speeds. Unfortunately, I had to restart my Unraid server, and upon bootup and re-supplying the VPN files to reconnect, Delugevpn would establish a VPN connection, I would login to the GUI and input URL for download, however, nothing would happnen. Torrent would stay at 0.0% indefinitely. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is partial log screenshot of established connection:
  5. Spaceinvade One has confirmed that Macinabox has been updated with the latest product Id's! My Macinabox has pushed through and started downloading.
  6. I am having the same issue as well, the "product ID cannot be found"
  7. I have successfully connected to Montreal via PIA. Thanks @Binhex!! One question: How do I know what my VPN IP is? I remember before that I saw my IP in the lower right hand corner of the Deluge GUI. It now says "N/A" after success with VPN connection. EDIT 1 - Disregard question. When I started downloading, the VPN IP popped up. All is in good order and I am downloading at 10MB/s - Thanks
  8. Hello, I posted about my Deluge issues elsewhere, and did not get the answer I was looking for so I will try this thread. I have binhex-delugevpn installed, and it works like a charm when the "VPN_ENABLED" option is disabled. However! when I do enable VPN_ENABLED option on startup, the deluge docker never starts up. I get log errors reminiscent of the below (and attached). What Is the reason that I am seeing IPv6 references in the log? I have PIA ovpn files in the ovpn appdata folder as required. I think I have in there the "next gen" option.
  9. Thanks dukie. Have you tried this? I'm not sure where to plug these files in.
  10. I have removed port forwarding from the container, however, I am still having trouble getting inside the GUI. Kind of stuck, not sure what else to try. I have changed my PIA password to make sure there are no special characters because some users were having issues with this. I have also changed the OpenVPN config files several times, in the hopes that this might be the issue, but still no luck. Here is the updated log after removing the port forwarding requirement: - Thanks Updated_Log for_ binhex-delugevpn.pdf
  11. Hello, Thanks for reading into my issue. The main problem I am having is that I'm not able to start the DelugeVPN docker. See screenshot of log below. It says "No OpenVPN config file located in /config/Openvpn/" I have the file downloaded from PIA, but I have NO CLUE where to put it. EDIT1: So, I figured out where to place the openVPN configuration files. However, even with the files in place, when the webGUI is clicked, I do not have any success of entering the GUI. Can someone please help??? EDIT2: Updated log file -
  12. Thanks for the help Jorge. I will post results when I manage 8gbps+
  13. Any advice on where to start to fix the issue? New NICs?
  14. Here are the results, not sure as to why the bitrate is so low...
  15. Hello, thanks for reading into my post. This is post does not specifically target one issue, it is generally aimed at 10gbps network performance and how to actually achieve 10gbps transfer throughput. I guess the problem that I'm having is that I'm not fully taking advantage of my 10gbps hardware and I do not really know where to start in order to fix it. On average, If I transfer a (10GB) cached (NVMEe) file from my Unraid media server, to my workstation destination which is also NVMe storage, the max speed that I have been able to achieve is roughly ~370MB/s or 2.96gbps. I k