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  1. Disregard. Wireguard supported natively through Unraid now. No need for plugin
  2. Hello, I am trying to move away from openvpn on Unraid because it is deprecated and seldom works nowadays. I am trying to install the WireGuard plugin by Dynamix but I can't find it for the life of me. Does anyone have any insight into where I can locate this plugin??? Thank you
  3. Hello, I am not able to find the WireGuard plugin by Dynamix in the community apps. Has it been removed??? Thanks
  4. Hello Thanks for reading into my issue. I have created VMs before, I have a few windows VMs, a MAC OS Catalina VM and a DietPi VM and they all work fine. I have previously had an Ubuntu VM and it ran perfectly, not sure what the case is at the moment. I have tried a myriad of settings options, but none seem to get the VM off the ground. The VM starts fine but when I try to VNC Remote into the VM, I get an error and am not able to. I have attached the VM template that I'm using and the Log file for the the VM. Would appreciated your help, Thanks!
  5. I am using ARQ 7 with S3 Glacier now and it has been super smooth. Setup is super smooth and works very well.
  6. I use Backblaze for my PC backup. I have looked into their B2 service and it would be around $10 a month. So far AWS Glacier is the best bang for the buck.
  7. This looks like a sweet service! $1 per month per 1 TB...that's not bad at all!
  8. Hello, Thanks for reading into my post. Lately (idk why) I have been thinking about all the TBs of important documents/videos/pictures & critical backup information that is stored on my Unraid server, and how I would feel if all my data went up in smoke in some sort of freak accident like a fire or something (heaven forbid!). I started looking around for offsite (cloud) services that I can basically copy my Unraid server to. However, they are all VERY expensive and more than often marketed as business solutions, and, a lot of the time there is a minimum user sign up of something like three users. I don't have deep enough pockets for any of that stuff. If you know of a service or solution for safe offsite backups that are reasonably priced, please let me know. I am curious as to what the community does to offload TBs of data offsite. Cheers!
  9. The way I have my server setup is with only a root user (me). My unraid server is visible on the home network and can be accessed by the family. Their PC's don't require a login to access the server. I just tried creating a user with credentials and access to the share, however, when accessed Windows and it's credential manager always seems to ruin things. There is only one username and password for the new user I just created on Unraid, but windows wont accept the credentials and denies me access. Not sure what's going on.
  10. Hello, I would like to know what the best of going about creating a password protected share for sensitive information? At the moment, anyone on my home network can access any share. I would like to create one that requires credentials. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. that solved the issue! Thanks!
  12. via CLI? In the attached screen shot, I can see the directory "Video Backup" but I can't delete it with rm command
  13. Hello, thanks for reading into my issue. I have some lingering files sitting in my cache eating up space and I would like to delete them. I have been trying to locate the directory /mnt/cache/ but my trials have been unsuccessful. The cache directories seem to be hidden. Can someone please point me in the right direction of finding the /mnt/cache/ directory so I can delete some files? Thanks!