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  1. Yes, rebooting the proxy sounds very familiar Did you check the proxy logs? In my case the reason for the failures were stale file handles. With Ganesha-NFS I've never seen a stale handle. It is really annoying to run a NAS with an outdated NFS V3. Plenty of bells and whistles in Unraid, but the lack of a very basic function of a NAS makes me speechless. It is a NAS in the end. Anything else is a nice-to-have. Ok, I'll stop my rant now. It's all said ... 😞
  2. Not having NFS4 is a real nuisance. There are valid reasons which have been outlined in numerous threads. I installed a workaround which is ok for the time being, but it is a) 3rd party b) still under development c) requires resources, which would be more useful in other places d) requires extra maintenance e) has its own (strange) behavior, which needs to be managed f) requires stupid exceptions in the setup of the infrastructure the Unraid NAS is operated in All of the above is superfluous and could be avoided. The post
  3. Hi Khadgar, no, I kept the native Unraid NFS v3 share untouched. I've installed the container with a custom Network Type (Custom: eth0) and set a Fixed IP address in the Unraid GUI. The new address must not be used by any other device in your subnet. The one I used is outside the DHCP range of the DHCP server, so collisions later on will be avoided. Regards Carsten
  4. DerCarsten


    By the looks of it, NFS V4 is not implemented, yet. See my work-around.
  5. Hi, I installed a NFS-Ganesha container and can now provide NFS4. Technically it works and it solved the issues I had with NFS3. Nevertheless, it is a bolt-on, which is a work-around for something which should be provided by Unraid in the first place. I can see that there is a lot of work going into Unraid and I really appreciate all the new ideas and fixes being rolled out in a comparably high-frequent manner. I'm glad I came across it months ago and I think it is a very competitive NAS OS. If it wasn't that, I wouldn't use it. It would be good to see NFS4 natively in
  6. Bump Sorry to bump this. I'm running 6.7.2 and failed to activate V4. So I consider it to be not implemented. Any plans?
  7. Hi trurl, I've checked the spanning by copying stuff to and from. All fine, they are being dealt with like the User Share. I was also concerned I might forget about the manual ones, but (luckily) the SMB settings are kept in the customization window and not just fired off into some config file and then disappear. That will help me to remember. Thanks for your time and your clarifications. Regards Carsten
  8. Hi trurl, since the services have different performance requirements I considered different cache settings. Not a big thing, I just wanted to optimize the services. Never mind, it works ok with the settings given in the <sharename> service. With regards to your comment, there is no problem. I just wanted to know whether a particular functionality/setting was available in order to fine-tune my setup. No major issue. No invention of a problem. I can set up services other than the ones through the GUI. Standard Samba stuff. All functional. It might not be the core in
  9. Hi trurl, background is that I need some nested shares. Not many, just 2 or three. This is to allow some users to access just some portions of a bigger structure. Shares via the GUI are installed at /mnt/user/<sharename>, which I am using and they are fine. But the few shares in question are located inside that share, means, I need to share /mnt/user/<sharename>/<dir1>/<dir2> and /mnt/user/<sharename>/<dir1>/<dir3>. I've done that by putting this into Settings/SMB: [<dir2_service>] path = /mnt/user/<sharename>/&
  10. Hi, I've installed a SMB service via Settings/SMB, rather than the Shares GUI. This service (share) needs to be managed manually, since it does not appear in the Shares GUI. Access control etc is no problem, but I'd like to know how I can configure the Cache mode for this service. I had a look at the Samba configs for other shares generated through the GUI, but couldn't find anything related to the cache. I'm sure it must be somewhere ... (?) Regards, Carsten