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  1. Thanks for reaching out, link has changed issue is now fixed, updated Wiki and README, new URL now is :
  2. Wow yeah that would have taken a long time, glad that you could figure it out before that. The problem I had with passing PUI and GUI to the container is the following, if I set the user and group inside de docker container to use another thing that is not root, it will not execute my startup script due to permissions. To try it yourself do the following: Fork my repo on Github Install docker on your machine Open repo on editor, I suggest VSCode (you can install Docker Plugin there for syntax and stuff) Make changes, and when you are done Build with: (this will build a docker container from the Dockerfile on the current directory and it will call it grive2docker and add it to your local pc docker repo) docker build -t "grive2docker" . Then run it with: (don't forget to set your host folder to the folder you want to map) docker run -it -v /your/host/folder:/drive grive2docker If you have to add variables (ID, SECRET, CODE) you add them like this: docker run -it -e ID=CLIENT_ID -e SECRET=SECRET -e CODE=CODE -v /your/host/folder:/drive grive2docker Watch the log output and debug If you want to ssh into the running docker container follow this guide That way you can do further debugging. When you have changes ready to merge just make a PR from your repo to mine Tell me if you get stuck. Thanks!
  3. Hey happy to say it is now fixed...ish I just chmod 777 on every run of grive (ugly yeah I know). I tried your link but ran into issues. Couldn't get working this properly. If anyone has more experience with UNIX permissions or Docker for that matter please don't hesitate to open a PR! To use the new permissions you just need to set another env var PARM=777 for example
  4. Hi, not at the moment, I will try to fix that soon, I know its been a while, let me get back to you.
  5. Now Grive2 Supports Crontabs! Since release 1.3 Update to latest and you should be up and running. Ram usage is reduced too seeing < 3 MB of usage when idle
  6. Hi, I don't think such parameter exists, the closest you can use is -f which makes it so that it always downloads the file from drive overwriting local changes. The problem is that if you delete them they will be re-downloaded. You could make a script that deletes those files and then adds their filenames to a file named ".griveignore" on the folder you want to sync. That will make it so that they are not re-downloaded. Haven't tried that but I think it should work
  7. I'm sorry for the delay this has been a hell of a year for me (and I guess everyone to some degree) I'm afraid thats one of the limitations of Grive2, it takes forever because it scans every file before starting. To mitigate this I suggest only syncing a certain folder using -s but I know this does not work for every use case.
  8. I'm really glad you are enjoying it! I've searched through the docs and couldn't find an answer either, there is a similar issue on github
  9. Yeah that could be it, mine doesn't work with ONVIF so I set it up manually to send GET requests to my camera's PTZ endpoints. But Shinobi fails to send any HTTP request with this message UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: ReferenceError: controlURL is not defined which is not true because everything is set up correctly, as the issue on Gitlab says, this is already fixed on the latest dev version. All we need is to get the image update to Shinobi's latest
  10. Sure thing! update to latest version (1.2 or latest tag) couldn't manage to add that to Grive itself but to it's runs so that should give you a range on which time the error might have occurred! (Also thanks to victorkp we now have sleep time as a parameter to avoid high CPU usage all the time )
  11. Hey! @SpaceInvaderOne since PTZ is broken for ShinobiPro and it has since been fixed, any chance on updating the image ? I would gladly update and test this new image and make a PR but couldn't find your git repo with the Dockerfile 😬 Love your work! Cheers, Augs
  12. Sorry can you clarify your question ? I'm not sure what do you mean
  13. Weird, I tried replicating that. Set an SMB share to private and synced a folder inside the share to a drive folder of the same name and it worked. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Can you give us your Docker container's log output ? also it would help if you try running this inside the folder you are trying to sync and post it here to check permissions. I dont know what I tried but tested it again today and could confirm your issue. I added it as an issue to github will be dealing with that soon.
  14. Overview: Support for Docker image grive2 Application Name: Grive2 Application Site: Docker Hub: Github Docker: Templates Repo: Backup your files to Google Drive using Grive2 client (by vitalif) in a docker container This app aims to make it easier to sync a folder from Google Drive to an Unraid folder Some Notes: By default it will sync all your Drive account's folders and files to a path specified It can be configured to sync one folder only (using grive2 parameter -s drive_folder) like so GRIVE_PARAMS: -s drive_folder Based on Alpine Linux, its size is very small <70mb per instance !! This container's snapshot tag will be built automatically on docker hub every 1st of the month based on the master branch of grive2. Tag latest will be used for stable release Before you Start this Container: Follow the Setup guide For more info go to: REPO