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  1. Do I need pro for the number of hdd's I, still upgraded though, worth every cent for the years of reliability and support from the unraid team and the community, long may it continue
  2. I disabled the proxy in sonarr and changed the IP back to the servers 192 address and that worked, reenabled the proxy and dead again. I went in to the running qbit container and had a poke around, I can ping unraids 192.x address successfully, tried curl but no joy same behaviour as the containers like it's hanging. I haven't verified that works on the older image though, can try that tomorrow if it helps.
  3. All of mine are set to bridge, I'm using your qbit vpn image with privoxy enabled and I use linuxserver jackett/sonarr/radarr. They're all set to use privoxy in their respective proxy settings pages. Inside sonarr and radarr for the download client / indexer settings I used to have a 192.168.1.x address that was the unraid server IP, after the update all traffic was blocked. Thinking out loud here, with the applications set to use privoxy they forward traffic through the qbit container and some change has now disabled the lan IP and default port from being reachable?
  4. I had the same problem guessing you have the same setup that I had, in the host URL for the indexers and download client I switched from my lan IP to use the docker IP. Run ifconfig -a on unraids terminal and look for docker0 up near the top, swap in that address and you should be good.
  5. I'm getting the same error as the two guys above, fixed it by going in to the container and installing gsettings-desktop-schemas For those that can't wait for a new image with a fix to roll out exec in to the container and run apk add --no-cache gsettings-desktop-schemas restart the container and you're back in business
  6. Upgrade went perfectly as usual, like the new docker overview page but noticed the shortcut links to view what's in the mounted folders is gone, will that be added back in the future? Was quite useful, saved a lot of clicking through shares.