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  1. I literally love that unraid is not a RAID, I can save on drive space and electricity by spinning down drives not in use. And I can still recover some data from a total disaster! In 2020 (or at some point in future), i would like to see an official support for second USB thumbstick in mirror mode, sharing the license and contents of OS. We could have both sticks in slot at the same time, and if one dies, system will still boot. We would simply insert a new USB drive in old slot and let uraid rebuild it without pestering support and worrying about backing up USB drives
  2. Can confirm, latest update broke LG TV plex app. It would connect to plex fine, let me browse all the items, when I click play, it would just hang there. Loading bar would not even be animated. Plex server status actually shows that video was attempted to play, but I see no errors other than: The video did not start playing in time Works fine on my laptop, though. Downgraded Plex server to and even, but plex LG client still won't work. All I see in plex logs is: Apr 11, 2018 20:34:52.204 [0x14c4937e9700] DEBUG - Beginning read from two-way stream. Apr 11, 2018 20:34:59.569 [0x14c49cfff700] DEBUG - handleStreamRead code 335544539: short read edit: more logs Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.189 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - Request: [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:50000 (Subnet)] GET /:/timeline?hasMDE=1&ratingKey=6047&key=%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F6047&state=stopped&playQueueItemID=14745&time=0&duration=1262640 (7 live) GZIP Signed-in Token (XXX) Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.190 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - Client [XXX] reporting timeline state stopped, progress of 0/1262640ms for guid=, ratingKey=6047 url=, key=/library/metadata/6047, containerKey=, metadataId=6047 Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.194 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - [Now] User is XXX (ID: 1) Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.194 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - [Now] Device is webOS (). Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.195 [0x14c493fef700] ERROR - Unable to find client profile for device; platform=webOS, platformVersion=3.7.0, device=, model=43UJ634V-ZD Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.195 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - [Now] Updated play state for /library/metadata/6047. Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.195 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - Statistics: (XXX) Reporting active playback in state 3 of type 4 (scrobble: 0) for account 1 Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.196 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Terminated session 0x14c49b2a62a0:8ohi12w895krcnmiq3k1d4uo with reason Client stopped playback. Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.196 [0x14c493fef700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Removing session 0x14c49b2a62a0:8ohi12w895krcnmiq3k1d4uo Apr 11, 2018 20:46:21.197 [0x14c49cdfe700] DEBUG - Completed: [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:50000] 200 GET /:/timeline?hasMDE=1&ratingKey=6047&key=%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F6047&state=stopped&playQueueItemID=14745&time=0&duration=1262640 (6 live) GZIP 8ms 538 bytes (pipelined: 2) handleStreamRead code 2: End of file Edit2: Uninstalling and reinstalling Plex TV app did not work Installed XPlay from LG app store and that one works fine with latest Plex server update. Pretty much confirms the problem is not with unraid or plex container, but with LG app. Will just buy XPlay license (about seven fiddy EUR) and stick with that as a client, it's miles ahead of official app anyway.
  3. Hi Sorry for late reply, but I am also out of ideas. The one silly thing you could try I guess is to set up ngnix proxy, see if that works for you on Chrome instead. Alternatively you could try Organizr docker image (or any other dashboard), it works similar to muximux.
  4. If it works in incognito mode for chrome, too, then you just need to clear cache and cookies for this to work.
  5. I had similar issue on Chrome for some UI pages, especially if using SSL. Try running muximux on different browser like IE for a quick test. If it works fine on IE, you'll need to get "Ignore X-Frame headers" extension for Chrome. The only other thing I can think of is - you might be missing /base in your links if you use them and make sure you specify protocol (http:// or https://) in URL fields.
  6. Thank you so much for heads up, Frank! I am so relieved right now, lol!
  7. Thanks for help, guys, I really appreciate your patience with me. I have replaced drives in the array with a spare and it's rebuilding from parity right now. Faulty drive sits under unassigned devices and keeps spitting errors non stop. Apart from offline uncorrectable errors there's actually a new one, too lol seek error rate (failing now) is 106 Super happy to be part of this community and looking forward to find myself on the other side of issue some day helping someone else. I might need to find some external HDD adapter case (the one where you can slot the drive in without screws) and find some windows application that allows me to clear drives outside of array. If you guys know of any software that also writes "preclear" data after zeroing it for speedy drive replacements, I'd be eternally greatful. If not - at least something that allows me to completely wipe them before shipping back for warranty. I see a lot of people are against preclear on this forum and don't care about stressing drives, but for me personally drive preparation and wiping outside of a working array was the reason to have it. Oh well.
  8. Thanks for replies, guys. Extended test finished with errors (see attached), looks like HDD is indeed dying. Any tips on how to proceed? Should I just swap it like I'd normally do or do I have to be extra careful due to parity errors? It's only a PLEX server. unRAID Disk 1 SMART health [197]: 28-03-2018 20:16 Warning [UNRAID] - current pending sector is 8 TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS (sdd) EDIT: Amazon is great, replacement drive is on its way, just need to take this one out, wipe it (wish I had preclear now lol) and send it away. TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS-20180328-2025.txt
  9. Hi Johnnie Thanks for suggestion, I have few more quick questions: I have "acknowledged" the error, but it still shows up as yellow warning under realocated error count. Is this normal? Is it safe to swap drives while Parity reports errors? Does extended test get rid of warnings/fix errors or is it used for SMART logs only? Oh and - I really love preclear plugin, do you guys think it's worth downgrading to 6.4 just to get it back?
  10. Hi folks EDIT: Not sure if matters, but drive is brand new Toshiba E300 . I got it because it's supposedly economic on power requirements. My disk has been acting very weird lately. 2 days ago this message popped up: Event: unRAID Disk 1 SMART health [197] Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – current pending sector is 8 Description: TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS (sdd) Importance: warning Along with this message: Event: unRAID Disk 1 SMART health [198] Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – offline uncorrectable is 1 Description: TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS (sdd) Importance: warning Minutes later current pending sector became 16 and few minutes later 24. Offline uncorrectable jumped up to 3. After running parity check with correct unchecked I received this: Event: unRAID array errors Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – array has errors Description: Array has 1 disk with read errors Importance: warning Disk 1 – TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS (sdd) (errors 224) No idea where the 224 errors came from, but whatevs. After running it again, this is the error it settled with: Event: unRAID Disk 1 SMART health [5] Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – reallocated sector ct is 2 Description: TOSHIBA_HDWA120_679U9KHAS (sdd) Importance: warning Offline uncorrectable and Current pending sectors went back to 0, but I was still stuck with Reallocated sector count 2. I've read on this forum that this warning is ok? I decided to run yet another (third) array check, but with corrections enabled. 5 hours later nothing changed - still 2 errors. I approved the reallocated 2 warning, but it has jumped to 3 during last array check and been sitting like that for a day with error below: Event: unRAID Parity check Subject: Notice [UNRAID] – Parity check finished (2 errors) Description: Duration: 5 hours, 56 minutes, 6 seconds. Average speed: 93.6 MB/s Importance: warning This warning does not seem to go away, I thought that reallocated sectors warning is not that serious? Yet parity check report says 2 errors, hmm. I am so confused as to what's going on.. I have brand new replacement drive same exact as this toshiba, cables disconnected. Should I go ahead, replace this drive with the new one and send the broken one back to amazon? I've only had it for 20 days. If so, what do I tell them? Send them SMART logs? unraid-diagnostics-20180328-1832.zip
  11. Thanks, I'll give USB to SATA cable a go and try to run some tests on it. Any particular software that you guys recommend for tests on Windows?
  12. Hi guys Thanks for all the replies. I have swapped drives around with drives in second icy dock caddy (no errors there), but I am still getting UDMA errors, they appeared instantly during boot. Looks like I am getting 300'000 UDMA errors per day on both drives, so going by this logic, this has been happening for almost a year now (84745745 / 300000), I do not notice any particular slowdowns or anything like that. So, if it's not a cable or SATA controller, this means it's probably one of drives that's bad - am I right to assume that since both cache drives run as "RAID1" so CRC errors would show on both drives? Is there anything else I could do to test them before I toss them out of window and maybe get some SSDs instead? Actually, do I even need cache drives for plex media server sharing 720p/1080p content? I have noticed that I can disable "SMART attribute notifications, Attribute=199" individually, that could work, I guess?
  13. Thanks, guys. What alternatives are you using for your preclear needs? 6.4 didn't have update assistant. If it had, I would have probably stayed with 6.4 if I saw it would get removed. You're right, I have it set to auto update specific plugins daily at 12AM. I have now disabled auto update and schedule for plugins, but it's still taking over a minute. Disabling docker auto updates did not help either, I'll switch those back on again. Looks like a bug, indeed. I'll try with second Icy Dock (has no problems) and without it tomorrow after the work, thanks.
  14. Hi, folks. Update assistant log: https://pastebin.com/b2Wgsjrk #1 - EDIT: preclear not supported since 6.4.1 I'll start with the smallest one - preclear addon keeps dissapearing on reboot after the update. In fact, I think I have mysteriously lost a ton of plugins, but majority of them I never installed. Any ideas? It seems to keep .disk file, but not .plg. Also, preclear does not appear in CA anymore, I have to manually install plg link from github. It works fine until reboot, basically. #2 - EDIT: bug Plugins section takes 68 seconds to load with only 11 plugins showing installed. #3 And finally - 6.4.1 introduced UDMA CRC error count. I am upgrading from 6.4, so I never saw these warnings until now. I am getting hammered with warnings send to my my email every 30 minutes about both of my cache drives. Because of this I had to disable all email alerts. I have reseated cables, cables are brand new, barely 2 months old, they do not cause any issues on other drives. Both 2.5" disks are the same, used as cache drives - TOSHIBA MQ01ACF032 in a Icy Dock MB322SP-B adapter dock, that way they share one SATA power connection and makes use of 5.25" bays. For SATA controller I use cheapo Syba SI-PEX40071 SATA III 8 Port PCI-E 2.0 as there were no other better devices at this price range and port count. Errors on both drives: Event: unRAID Cache disk SMART health [199] Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – udma crc error count is 92831193 Description: TOSHIBA_MQ01ACF032_748XCZ4UT (sdg) Importance: warning Event: unRAID Cache 2 SMART health [199] Subject: Warning [UNRAID] – udma crc error count is 84380027 Description: TOSHIBA_MQ01ACF032_748XCZ5GT (sdh) Importance: warning I have been running without any issues since 6.4 was released up until now. Acknowledging issues on unraid webui is, ofcourse, pointless. I have attached diagnostic logs zip below, hopefully forum allows that. unraid-diagnostics-20180319-2240.zip P.S. Also, any idea what's the story with Sent mail for xxx@removed.com in syslog? I googled it, and quite a few other people here has it, but nobody seems to care so I am assuming this one's ok?