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  1. awesome! The docker section of the app was/is the quickest and easiest way to access the webui interfaces of all the dockers i have running instead of having a link or icon for each one running on my server. thanks!
  2. looking forward to seeing results of the file that the other user sent as i still am having no dockers shown. restarted everything multiple times.
  3. I am still getting the no dockers are installed or they are currently unavailable error in iOS. I am on unraid 6.5 and have reconnected docker and restarted the server multiple times. I tried installing the companion app on the server but was having a few issues getting it to work, but the ios app had connected fine for weeks without the companion app, so i uninstalled that as it didnt not seem essential to its operations. I am adding the server using the computers ip and the main port 80. it ads fine and shows all the correct stats, just no dockers show. I am using the newest app versio