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  1. I would like to upgrade my 8 year old unRAID box, and am considering purchasing a Dell or HP server. I will be running unraid on ESXi 6.7 - are there any known compatability issues, or am I free to choose whichever suits best? Looking at DL380 Gen 9 or 10, or PowerEdge gen 13 or 14. Thanks.
  2. Can't seem to get this to sync between unraid and an android phone - everything seems to be running and connected, however it just stays at "syncing" and doesn't transfer anything? Any ideas?
  3. If I'm understanding correctly this would only work for Unifi branded cameras - what about 3rd party like Hikvision?
  4. Has anyone had success adding camera to the Unifi Video NVR? For whatever reason it's not detecting any of my cameras.
  5. I upgraded my internet connection to GB speeds several months ago. It seems now when something is being downloaded at anything over 20MB\Sec the system becomes unresponsive until the download finishes. Any idea what is causing this bottleneck? Does CPU utilization directly correlated to download speed? Thanks.
  6. I've recently upgraded my internet connection to Gig speed, I regularly download at about 80-90MB's. Seems SAB can't handle this and it slows my entire unRAID server to a crawl. Is there a way to resolve this and still maintain the speeds? Should I be looking for an alternative to SAB? Thanks.
  7. I should probably add that this is a VM (vsphere), and all hardware is virtualized - so the CD drive is just loading plop ISO which is needed to boot the VM from the unRAID USB.
  8. Thanks - I've attached the diagnostics file.
  9. About once a week it seems the system stops recognizing my USB housing unRAID. The GUI reverts to defaults and when I try to access the USB it's empty. Does it look like it's crapping out? Syslog shows the issue begins happening at 12:25 syslog.txt
  10. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get notified if a Docker container is down? Can't seem to find any useful info anywhere..
  11. Thanks - Looks like something going on the with my unRAID flash - moved to a different port and performance is normal again.
  12. See attached - thanks.
  13. Seems as though navigating through the web GUI is very slow - additionally when I navigate the contents of the USB drive it also hangs.. I'm continuously seeing this error in the log: Tower kernel: usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110 Anyone know what it means? Thanks
  14. Looks like I forgot about a cron job that I setup some time ago.. thanks for the help!