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  1. Free Antec 900 case located 08108 NJ as stated above pickup preferred but if you want to pay for shipping it's probably going to be pricey
  2. As title states i have 3 fans for the Icy dock cages seeing if anyone interested before i toss them Take one take all you just pay shipping fee I am located in NJ USA
  3. will try to get a shipping quote for ya on monday
  4. I have 3 900 cages up for grabs..... dust and all was cleaning out some stuff and know people always seem to be interested in these FREE - you pay shipping i am located in NJ USA
  5. gotcha, i looked at board and saw all those slots didn't know they were used already,,, correct, you wound not want to waste it in an 1x slot
  6. Why not get a pci card like intel 900p and keep your current setup ? i just grabbed this and it works great replacing the x2 840EVO that i had in a cache pool.
  7. Reviving this older thread because i couldn't find any other mention of someone using this type of drive, i took the risk and went for it and I recently switched my cache drive to an intel optane 900p - similar to the one in question, it has been working wonderfully for a week now.
  8. on sale at newegg and a promo code to boot - APCFEBSUBCI The rebate works through Newegg, unknown which other retailers will work caveat 1 per item per household
  9. Used for 2 weeks, put back in box and tried to return, didn't realize Best Buy has 14 day return policy, i went in on day 15 s_mason16 - sent PM
  10. HDHomeRun EXTEND $150 + shipping, i am located in NJ I found i dont need the transcoding ability and want to get rid of this Price now 140 w/ free shipping to CONUS
  11. just purchased, would not connect automatically on my old LG Flex but manual connection worked fine, look forward to exploring usefulness further
  12. Hey there, hows that build coming along, get any further? I stumbled upon this and started to laugh because it's pretty close to my build. i have the 900 the X9SCM-F-O, a E31230v2 CPU, only 16Gig ram, 3 Icy dock cages, 2 H310 cards and the same 750 seasonic PSU. The build has been rock solid but just upgraded to V6 and thinking of ditching ESXI and going baremetal once again
  13. i tried messing with plopkexec as well but gave up and just updated the files manually
  14. I have purchased from this seller before there are several cards available LSI SAS 3081 PCIe-x8 SATA II SAS1068E flashed to IT mode, does not support >2.2TB should be noted that these max out with 2GB drives but good for a backup server item - seller -