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  1. I can also confirm that using lsio/openvpn-as repository works for me as well!
  2. That script has an issue with if the test server is specified then the share image URL returned is bad. I submitted a pull request to fix it, but for now a working version is available on my repo. I published a compiled binary that you can just download and use if you don't want to compile it yourself. Edit: Looks like my pull request was accepted, so you can use the original repo.
  3. For those with Gigabit internet still having trouble, the issue is due to the speedtest-cli script which dmacias can't control. I found this script which actually worked for me and includes more servers. I made a Docker container for the script (I don't know how to write plugins) which you can find here. I'm adding it to my unRaid's cron to just output to the system log file. Just a note as well: some servers just actually suck to pull from with Gigabit, so just browse around the list of servers and see what works for you. I'm pulling from a Verizon server that's farther away from