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  1. I have my main comp running Chrome, logged in through ip address of server which is a different machine. I'm not sure if that answers the direct connection question or not.
  2. I was hoping it wouldn't be only on my side that makes it work. It's been unpacking successfully since last post. I've been tracking it since and noticed a few more things. First I noticed that the page underneath the modal doesn't refresh, or update while it's up. And I know it's been working because the episodes are showing up in Plex. Once I click the close button, then the History page updates with all the successful downloads it's had since I last opened it. I opened up dev tools and noticed a few things in the network panel. The highlighted items will continuously loop every second until (#1) I click a modal. At which point they stop. A few minutes later I closed the modal, saw episode download update, started looping and then I clicked an item to open modal again. (#2) The loops stopped and then a few minutes later I closed modal again and it started looping. I noticed that the calls changed from 1/4 being a 304, to 3/4 being a 304. Let me know if any of this is helpful or not. I've attached image. Let me know if there's anything else I can test/help with.
  3. I'd be curious to see if anyone else would be willing in trying the above to see if it can be replicated at all or if it's just a random fluke on my end. Edit: Follow-up for Saturday/Sunday. I manually added a movie on Saturday, ended up not leaving the tab with an info window open. No shows downloaded on Sat, but on Sun 2 episodes downloaded and 2 got hung on unpacking. Had to restart container to fix.
  4. I think I *may* have found something that might have made the issue not happen. I'm not 100% sure. Still in testing mode, but it's been 4 days, 6 total eps, and none have gotten stuck on unpacking. 2 files Tues, 0 files Wed, 2 files Thurs, and 2 files Fri. I'll run through steps. So Tuesday after supper I downloaded a movie. I wasn't sure if it finished unpacking properly so I went to the History tab and saw it was a success. I then clicked on the Name, and it opened up the info modal/window for the file. I then left that tab, checked Plex tab and confirmed the movie was there. Thursday night I realized I better go check if any files are stuck on unpacking. Checked Sonarr and saw they were downloaded and moved fine. Went back to NZBGet tab and realized that firstly, the tab hadn't lost connection, which happens fairly often, and secondly that I hadn't closed the modal. I closed it, to check the 4 files that got downloaded and they seemed fine, so on a hunch I clicked the name of the movie again and left the modal open. Friday at lunch noticed 2 more files downloaded and unpacked successfully. I'm not sure if something in the modal, would cause it to "keep connection" or something, but figured I'd let you know since I can't recall if it's ever gone a day without getting stuck on a file. NZBGet is currently up to date, and I have it on manual update and haven't updated in this timeframe. Hopefully this helps.
  5. I had tried a couple of disk configurations, but I just rebuilt the array with only a single 2tb drive with no parity - the system froze immediately after issuing a command the generate a file on the share. I'm going to try with a couple of different disks. EDIT: I see the same result regardless of which drive I use - single drive, no parity, formatted by UNRAID. A second or two after I issue the `dd` command via ssh, the server freezes.
  6. Is there any further diagnostic info I can upload to try to get some help with this issue?
  7. I have tried a couple of different configurations - one 2tb as parity, leaving out the 1tbs, and the freezing does not appear to be linked to a specific configuration of drives in parity or the array. Either way, in my experience it is pretty rare for one kind of array configuration to take down the entire system (although I'm not sure exactly how UNRAID might handle different setups).
  8. I have seen the format option after rebuilding the array, and I have tried checking this (or leaving it unchecked) and the system still freezes during the parity sync. Early on the drives were formatted, but I haven't formatted every time I've tried a troubleshooting step or rebuilt the array (the drives do not contain any actual data). Edit: To be clear, that diagnostic dump was from shortly after rebuilding the array, during parity sync - I can't post a syslog because of the freeze, and I wasn't sure if there was a "perfect" time to do the diagnostic dump.
  9. Hello - I'm having the following issue with UNRAID version 6.5.0: I am able to run UNRAID just fine, and access the web interface locally and remotely. However, any operation that interacts with the hard drives causes the same symptom - the system hard locks, the cursor freezes and the machine is entirely unresponsive (via the web interface and via SSH). Initially I saw this when setting two 2TB drives as parity drives, with the two 1TB drives in the array (the goal being to add more drives to the array once I have the config nailed down). After around 3 hours into the 4 hour operation of syncing parity, the system froze. I have tried several hard drive configurations, and all end in the same result - the system runs without issue indefinitely, but any operation involving the drives results in a freeze. I have tried the following: - copying files to the system via SMB (results in a freeze very quickly, between 10 - 400mb of the copy). - ruling out SMB by SSH'ing into the box and running the `dd` command to generate a 2GB image file (results in an immediate freeze). - Running MemTest for 48 hours - Running UEFI BIOS level diagnostics (which passed with the exception of a warning about the SAS controller not being present or connected - I'm using a SATA controller for the drives) - I have run `tail -f /var/log/syslog` and nothing appears before (or obviously after) the system freezes In an attempt to completely rule out hardware, I installed Ubuntu on one of the 1TB drives, shared the remaining 3 drives via SMB and was able to successfully create and copy files to all 4 drives without issue. In Fix Common Problems there is a warning about CPU possibly not throttling down at idle, however I have monitored RAM and CPU usage during disk operations and I don't believe this is a resource issue. Hopefully I have posted enough information, if not I will provide anything requested. Many thanks in advance! Hardware: Dell T310 PowerEdge Memory: 4GB RAM (2 x 2GB DIMMS) Hard drives: 2 x 2TB, 2 x 1TB PCIe NIC (onboard dual NICs disabled)