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  1. Awesome, thank you! let me start it up then when I get home from my uncles this afternoon and I will update you on the status.
  2. It is the same disk, the only thing that may have changed is the SAS slot its in may have been changed to another unpopulated one (I'm on the old 45drives chassis finicky cables that stop working) but in unraid the disk order is the same. The thing that is concerning me is when I try to mount the disk, unraid says it will over write all my data on my disk when it already is encrypted and has my data on it. So absolutely sure I can just mount it and start the array then without issue? Also sorry for the long delay to respond been kinda sick to my stomach since getting home.
  3. Sorry for the delay just got back again, here is the downloaded diagnostic after starting the array.
  4. Here are the diagnostics and a snip of the in browser push notification error. I need to meet someone to pick up the cat5e cable I ordered, I will be back in 30 minutes to an hour.
  5. Sorry for the late reply I had to run an errand. I'm not considering making that mistake, that's why I made the forum post before proceeding. I'm not really sure what to do in this situation, I've never had a single disk from the array randomly decide they are no longer part of an array that I've had running without issue for over a year. The reason I said that is literally what the array devices page is suggesting I do in that screenshot. I am well aware that would cause more issues than I am currently having. I have to start the server back up, I will send diagnostics after.
  6. Hello, I had recently took my rack offline to redo the cable management. After rebooting one of my three XFS Encrypted (Data) disks (not my 2 parody) is not recognized by unraid as an existing disk and is suggesting to format it when I start the array. I would like to avoid a complete format parity rebuild if possible since it should be unnecessary due to the fact no information changed on the disks, it's only not being recognized as part of the array for some reason.
  7. The seller contacted me and specified that it is an expander only, it requires a separate controller for the disks. There were other listings that suggested they were controllers. Such is the strife of used hardware I suppose... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I recently purchased a pair of LENOVO 00LF095 36port 12Gbps SAS Expander baugl Adaptec AEC-82885T Neuware HBA's, and just finished installing them. However, they are not being detected (HBA or disks) by unraid. I am on a supermicro motherboard (Sky Lake--E with C620 chipset), so I am not sure if the compatibility is with my motherboard or with unraid itself. Also need to note, I have tried searching the web, nothing really relevant to the HBA I am attempting to switch to, and unraid OS specifically.
  9. It seems stable so far, web pages are loading. If I don't have any issues in the morning, I will request to mark this post as resolved.
  10. Well the first time around after reboot, as I said above, it did not recognize the encryption on the array. The only thing that changed the second time around was I uninstalled the extensions while the array was running, rather than prior to starting the array like the last attempt to remove the extensions.
  11. Extremely odd but it seems to have fixed itself after a reboot. I guess I wont have to reinstall the nerdpack extensions
  12. First thing though I will try to reboot first just to see if it is still broken, then if it is I will reinstall extensions and reboot again.
  13. You may be right, after uninstalling nerd pack again and halting the array (basically reversed the order of my last attempt to uninstall nerdpack extensions), the option to start the array is missing completley. I need to pinpoint which extention is conflictiong, and figure out how to disable it without breaking my array.
  14. I have not yet tried safe mode. I am not sure why it did that, I will try to uninstall them again while the array is up.