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  1. I guess if it ain't broke - don't fix it. My main computers are Mac - so I always have to run a virtual windows just to run the Vsphere Client or RDP into one of my virtual Windows machines to run Vsphere. My CPU is not that old - it is an Intel Xeon E31270 3.4gh. Running on a super micro mother board. So I just thought maybe newer ESXI would have features to make it easier to manage / maybe an iOS app? Otherwise everything has been rock solid. Up to 80TB of storage space. I love unraid.
  2. It has been a LONG time since I have been back to these forums. I like the new clean look. I guess that is a testament to how reliable ESXI 5.5 and Unraid has been. I am thinking about upgrading from ESXI 5.5 to the latest version 6.7? Will Unraid still work under 6.7? Are there any tricks or tips to doing this? Sorry if this has been covered - I am just not sure where to look for find this. Thanks!
  3. Well that was super easy. I bought some Tapcon tape - arrived today - took me 10 minutes with some reading glasses and tweezers to cut and apply the tape. Plug it in and spun right up!
  4. Ok. well if you have a Norco 4224 older model - not sure when they updated them...but when installing one of these power disable drives - they do not spin up. Now I need to find a hack? an adapter? or see if Norco can sell me an updated backplane? Anyone here can point me in the right direction?
  5. I am looking to purchase some 10TB drives to upgrade my 24 drive unraid system. Ideally once I have a 10TB parity drive in position I could add a few more and pull out 7-8 of my 10 year old 1.5TB drives. The case is not that old though. Probably 4-5 years. As documented here - . Many new drives are coming with a new Power Disable Feature. Apparently you need a power supply that supports this feature or you buy an adapter than removes Pin 3. However my older Norco cases
  6. Tried everything I could - finally thought I should check Un-raid for updates. I was running 6.2. I installed 6.2.1 and fixed!
  7. Control-C. I get a message that the configuration has changed and that the bios may need to be setup. In the bios settings of the LSI cards, If I go into the BIOS. There are options to enable only bios, only is, and both Bios and OS. What should that setting be? Each controller sees all 8 of the attached drives in the bios. ESXI also sees the controllers and I have them set to pass through. I just don't know what to do.
  8. My ESXI setup has been rock solid for the last several years. The other day the power went out - when it came back on unraid shows all drives missing. I have done everything I can think of - everything has been running so smoothly for so long I am not pretty rusty on trying to fix this. The Supermicro system see's the controllers on bootup. Was there a bios setting for the controllers? Please help. What can I do?
  9. This is also posted on a popular auction website. But rather sell to a prospective unraid user. I just rebuild my Un-Raid server upgrading to the 24 port version. This case has served me for the last 3 years - running quietly away in my little server closet. I have made some modifications to it and even got more parts to make it more effective at cooling and quieter. You can see all the pictures here. Everything here sold as is. I can tell you that when I took it all apart it was all working. But I am not g
  10. Any plans for 5.05? My old way of using the plpbt.iso does not seem to work anymore - I have to manually select the boot process each time the VM ever needs to be restarted. Currently running 5.05 and anxious to give this a try. Thanks!
  11. Yes that is what I have been doing. But I also unplug the hard drives used for the ESXi VM's. During the boot sequence you may have to hit F11 and make sure you boot from the unraid usb drive. I don't know what would happen if you left the VM/ESXi drives plugged in. Unraid would likely "see" them and want to set them up as available new drives. May also detract from any testing you may be trying to do.
  12. Yes the LED's light up on the card. Whenever I run any of the commands to clear the firmware - I get no card found. Not sure what to do....maybe the card is bricked...
  13. Anyone with any ideas here? I think I need to get the original IBM firmware back on the card before I can start the whole process.
  14. Seems that people reported issues with the Ivy Bridge. At one point I was almost certain that was my problem. But after swapping CPU's I still had the same problems. I think the issue for me were the two Adaptec 1430 cards and/or maybe the brand new MV8 that I had bought. I was able to return my Ivy Bridge CPU (bought it at Amazon). I think I paid about $340 for the Ivy Bridge 3.2. But for $50 more I was able to get a Sandy Bridge 3.4 from MicroCenter. For the price I will go with the 80 watt increase in power consumption but the added speed. I plan to run 4-5 different VMs with s
  15. Success..... After who knows how many hours into this project. I was only able to flash 2 of the 3 M1015's that I got in - but I removed the two Adaptec 1430's and one MV8. I am currently running two M1015's and one MV8. For some reason this combination works. Rebuilding in my parity drive right now at 78MB/Sec. So far everything is looking good. I do want to find a way to flash my "bricked" M1015 and get then in my system. Feels good to see it all working. Thank you everyone for all your help. Some quick notes for anyone else that tries