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  1. it is a standard AHCI SATA controler, but the connector is a mini sas port so you need the right cable to attach the sata drives like that for exampleÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=CABLEDECONN+Mini+SAS+36+SFF-8087+to+(4)+SFF-8482+Connectors+with+SATA+Power+1m&qid=1585484930&sr=8-1
  2. No sir I beg to disagree It's an embedded sas port that can handle 6 sata drives So of course all drives are connected to the main board and seen by unraid and not the raid controller
  3. I know i've been using unraid for 4 years but still from 400mb/s to less thant 40 ! that is huge drop down
  4. Indeed but like said already I tried with the embedded sata port of the motherboard with no better luck
  5. So mooved everything to windows server and hyper-v with a virtual machine running the file server and smb shares the drives are in raid 5 on the perc h710 and I've more thant 400mb/s transfer rate so maybe a dell server is not made to run unraid I don't know
  6. Yes I know it's not ideal, i'm trying to get hand on a h310 to flash on it mode I said i've done a lot of trials , there is a sata port directly on the motherboard I tried it an even that way with drives directly shown to unraid it's bad with or without turbo mode, reconstruct mode.. other than the perc there is dual xeon with 16 cores (and HT) , 128 Gb ECC ram so it's not a low end rig
  7. config maybe, hardware it can't be otherwise i'll had the same issues with other OS
  8. well okay I get your point I have these speed too while it's writing to RAM ( the dirty cache setting) but when it's filled the writing speed drop (like many others from what i've read) my "slowest disk" can perform at at least 120Mb/s on a raid array with windows or xpenology and not unraid ! that I don't understand I tried the DiskSpeed app to analyse and the average speed on each disk is much higher than that so I can't get why disks able to more than 150mb/s get down to 40 when putted in an array. I get Unraid is not made for top perfomance but still ...
  9. reconstruction write mode is activate and no better performances i tried health monitoring is done through dell IDRAC so not an issue at all
  10. Well I can say I made a lots of trials and I tried both solutions since, and what makes me perplex is the low writing rates on unraid and there are a lot of topics on that! drives are all sata 3 so with a normal array set up (drives and parity) writing speed don't go above 20mb/s to 40mb/s ish with turbo cacha and other solutions found (Disk Cache Settings..) on other topics reading writes are ok with the raid 5 on the perc and one big drive presented to unraid, no parity its better, writing speed up to 70mb/s. BUT with a the raid 5 presented to a
  11. Greetings So I now have a dell t420 with the perc raid controler and 8 drives and i entend to replace my ryzen 7 unraid server with it With the perc you at least must do raid 0 virtual drives that will be presented to unraid I can't decide between 2 options I/ Make 4 raid 0 virtual drives with the perc and then have an array of 3 drives and one parity, unraid will then deal with data loss prevention II/ Make some raid 5 or 10 with the perc and an array with no parity and have the raid controler deal with data loss prevention. I can't
  12. Greetings everybody, so I have the same issue as others here, so I stayed with 6.7.2 hoping that maybe 6.8.1 would solve this unfortunatly not, so besides the workaround (that may induce a loss in performance), will this be fixed ? or we shall wait for unraid 6.9? thank you regards
  13. Hi everybody, back to seek knowledge for fine tuning of my unraid server I ran a cpumark test on a windows VM with all cores passed it barely hit 9000, ryzen 7 2700 should it around 15000 cpu governor is on performance and turbo boost on so I tested this command cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "MHz" to see the speed of the cores it never goes higher than 3.4Ghz even with intense stress more weird is if I run this command directly on the unraid gui selecting option 2 at boot (and not from a remote navigator) it reaches 4.1Ghz So please t
  14. Hi guys, so i've just built my New ryzen unraid server (see signature for details) I moved from an I3 unraid server + an i5 6600k gaming machine to this 😃 Everything is working great, i've succesfully passed my 2 graphic cards to vm and the gaming vm has quite good performance 😁 Now it's time for optimisation so is there mandatory BIOS settings to apply? And does a Windows vm use the Turbo capability or the cpu or is it better to overclock? Thanks best regards
  15. thanks no there was no passthrough on the one that might be on autostart but I figure this out by deleting the libvirt image and rebuilding all my vm's so problem solved I would say last time I had a server upgrade it was from an I3 to an I5 and it went smoothly this time it's from I5 to Ryzen so it's a bit more complicated