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  1. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with all powertop settings on "good" idles at 16W on my Dell T20, Unraid with the exact same hardware idles at 31W for no good reason. CPUs were idle and disks were spun down in both tests. Even with this quite power efficient hardware and 0,28 cent per kWh that's ~37 euros per year or the price of a Tier 2 "Plus" license in two years. I'd rather pay Lime Technology than my power company, it would help save the environment too.
  2. It looks like somebody has recently reverse engineered throttlestop and figured out how to undervolt Haswell and newer CPUs in Linux. Is there any chance this can get ported to unraid, perhaps even as a plugin with a GUI?
  3. That leaves Facebook, SuSe and Fujitsu as the major BTRFS contributors. This acquisition seems to be related: They intend to open source Permabit's technology. Perhaps XFS will get deduplication and compression in the near future? So far I do not regret my decision of using XFS for all my array and cache drives.
  4. I had problems with something "thrashing" my disk with reads causing one disk to always stay spun up. After some troubleshooting I found that it was cache_dirs plugin. It seems that one of my backup folders contains a large amount of directories, apparently too many to fit into RAM, so cache_dirs read the structure from disk every 10 seconds because the cached structure got evicted in the mean time. This resulted in endless directories reads from disk to memory. Not great. Excluding that folder worked for the most part but some reads were still not cached; now I doubled my RAM, included the folder again and had zero read/write from any disk in the past few hours. Is there any way to figure out how much memory the cached directory structure currently uses?
  5. It looks like somebody found a way to patch the Nvidia driver to remove the virtualization check that causes Error 43. Perhaps this is helpful for some edge cases where people can't dump their BIOS for whatever reason. I have not tried this, attempt at your own risk.
  6. I have updated the original posting. If people affected by the AMD/KVM/NPT bug could take a look at and perhaps comment on it then that'd be great because it would help raise awareness.
  7. Agreed but that's in the KVM developer's hands, there's really nothing the unRAID team can do about it.
  8. I am in the same position, looking to replace my quadcore Haswell which idles at only 35W, about 40% of what an overclocked Ryzen system seems to consume. Since Pauven says it's an unRAID specific problem I may just keep my unRAID Haswell system as a strict NAS and build a second Ryzen-based system with a different Linux distribution as my workstation which I'll shut down when it isn't in use.
  9. Looks like this requries QEMU 2.9.0 to work. The parameters are simple enough to add to the unraid XML, but I haven't updated to 6.4-rc yet. Once 6.4 is stable and those parameters are confirmed working we should be able to use macOS on unraid with unpatched clover versions.
  10. Are Global C-States stable with the new 6.4-rc? It brings a new Kernel that should fix some Ryzen issues.
  11. somebody (helgrind over at insanelymac) seems to have found a way around the clover patch, does anybody know how to convert this to unraid compatible XML? I think I've found a way to avoid the ugly Clover patch: -cpu Penryn,vendor=GenuineIntel,kvm=on,+invtsc,vmware-cpuid-freq=on vmware-cpuid-freq requires kvm to be exposed and invtsc enabled, hence the kvm=on,+invtsc Tested on qemu 2.9.0.
  12. My Dell T20 (e3-1225v3, 16GB ECC-LDDR3, GTX1060-6GB ) idles at 30-32W with drives spun down, which is typical due to the cache SSD. That's with a handful of Docker containers and a Windows VM running. Power consumption is higher when the VM is not running because that would disable GPU power management from the drivers. Idle could be as low as 25W if I removed the GPU. I'm quite happy with this little machine because it has the enough performance to be an acceptable desktop but with the power consumption that rivals a Synology NAS.
  13. I'm curious has anybody managed to get Filevault working in a unRAID Sierra VM? It seems like it's working on regular Hackintoshes that support UEFI. I think it would be really nice to have the disk image encrypted since unRAID itself does not focus on security and might be prone to getting hacked.
  14. Does anybody happen to know if this works in unRAID? If so, I wonder if some of these options may fix the Global C-State bug at a finer granularity than completely disabling the feature in the BIOS.