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  1. That's alright. Thanks anyways! Shrinking the docker image would be great, it's kind of ridiculous right now lol. I'll try it out!
  2. Same problem unfortunately. I tried to change the tensorflow config, figured maybe it was a problem with the script, but no luck.
  3. Interesting, what you got is how it's supposed to work with invalid credentials. And it's what I get on my local machine as well, which is good. When I try to run it on my unraid server, I get the following: Linux 4.19.56-Unraid. root@Tower:~# docker run -ti --rm -e clientid=test -e clientsecret=test -e username=test -e password=test daylend/redditcnn Using TensorFlow backend. root@Tower:~#
  4. Hi! I decided it would be a fun project to turn a python script I made into a docker container, so I could deploy it on my unraid server to run 24/7. I managed to get the script running flawlessly in a docker image I built on my local machine from my dockerhub repo (literally copy pasted the command from unraid). However, after I successfully install the container in unraid, it immediately stops with no docker logs. Any ideas what could be causing an issue like this?
  5. So I went through everything you said, making sure it was all set up correctly... Everything looked good. But it still wasn't working. I noticed your fstab didn't have the lines "noauto,nobootwait", so I removed those, and rebooted. Now it works like a charm! Thanks for the help! ?
  6. So I created a new Ubuntu Server 18.04 VM and noticed I had the option to set up an unRAID share and mount tag in the settings. So I put in the following values. Booted into my VM, obviously the mounts weren't visible. So I did some googling and edited my fstab to what I could find: UbuntuServer /home/daylend/UbuntuServer 9p trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,noauto,nobootwait,rw 0 0 Rebooted the server. Nothing appeared. Read that you had to edit some xml files but I also read that's inside the .img file now so it's not changeable? I assume that's what the unRAID share and unRAID mount tag values are for in the web UI now. I also looked through the wiki for more information on unRAID share and unRAID mount tag settings but couldn't find much. How do I get this working? Thanks!
  7. I have the latest BIOS firmware (FH) installed on my motherboard and virtualization technology is enabled. I have checked and both my motherboard and CPU (i7-950) both support VT-d. However, unRaid still says it's Disabled (screenshot included). Please help! I've spent so many hours trying to get to the bottom of this already...
  8. I'm having this issue as well using noVNC on Chrome and Firefox in all VMs. Edge doesn't even load strangely. Glad to see I'm not the only one.