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  1. Hi, yes it was enabled but disabling it hasn't changed the result. I am using chrome on android to try and access sonarr. My router doesn't support NAT loopback so I can't test the external address through the laptop.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I've changed the setting to http and 'force ssl' but i still get 'ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED' unfortunately.
  3. Hello all, I have NPM working well (in docker) with my own domain name and using duckdns as the dynamic DNS service. My subdomains (sonarr, radarr etc, also in docker) are set to use http but what settings do I need to change to use https? For example I change the radarr subdomain to https scheme and then request a new certificate which appears to work but if i then try to navigate to I get 'ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED' in Chrome. Do I need to change any other settings anywhere?
  4. Righto, good excuse to upgrade to an SSD. New drive on the way! Thanks for the advice.
  5. Ah, no, I'm not sure why the full diagnostic report differs from the individual smart report for the drive but this is what is in the latter - ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAGS VALUE WORST THRESH FAIL RAW_VALUE 7 Seek_Error_Rate POSR-- 029 028 030 NOW 55005657348106
  6. I've just opened the unraid web ui to be greeted with a cavalcade of notifications about the cache drive failing on the seek error rate. It's the first drive I'd had any issue with in unraid some could someone more knowledgeable than me say whether this drive is on the way out? I'm on 6.7.0 and the drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 who age I have no idea of but i've certainly had it for a few years. Thanks!
  7. @cheesemarathon ah sorry I hadn't realised that was the setup here. I've created an issue on the github page so let's see if anything comes of that. Cheers.
  8. I have recently setup the VNCWebbrowser container and it works great but the only issue is that there is no persistence of settings etc between container restarts. I presume that as it does not create a directory in appdata this is the intended design?