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  1. I'd love this so I could put my steam library on unRAID and access over 10gbe. Won't work on a network share as some things need to be run as admin.
  2. Supposedly some SD readers that have serial numbers will work with unRAID, meaning that you can then change the SD card as required as the license is tied to the reader.
  3. Ah, I assumed the docker kept nextcloud up to date. What tag do I have to use to downgrade the docker? Edit: Done with the tag 16.0.1-ls22 It seems NC14 breaks my reverse proxy however. *sigh*
  4. My nextcloud is down today with the following message: I assume PHP is part of the docker so I can't change it myself... Is this a known issue?
  5. I've tried searching this threadnought to no avail, but is there a way to have a 2nd domain on the same docker? Eg. everything currently is on domain1.com, with several subdomains, I need to set up www.domain2.org as well, but this seems not possible? Running a 2nd instance of the docker is of little help as the router will port forward all the traffic to the first... Edit: Ignore me I have figured it out. For anyone else finding this, you have to add an extra variable to the docker settings with the key "EXTRA_DOMAINS" (no quotes) and put in the full domain you want a cert for.
  6. Thanks, I did exactly that, there were only a few things I had to figure out that were not displayed in the advanced tab. What I don't understand is, given that all the dockers were working although not editable, it must have had all the settings, so surely it should be able to reconstruct whatever it needed for the XML file, but I'm all back up and running now so nevermind. I'm using the CA Appdata Backup/Restore plugin to keep a backup of the USB now. I'd like it if I could keep backups of JUST the USB, although that doesn't seem to be an option. Is there a simple way to move the image from this new USB back to the old one? I don't have a license for this new one right now and would rather not transfer it in case this one dies within a year....
  7. The old USB was wiped/died during the 6.6.1 update, so no. Anything I can do?
  8. Thanks Frank1940. I have the array back, I installed Unassigned Devices and the parity drive was obvious: https://imgur.com/dA28Lyc I'm now having issues with dockers, they all reappeared but I can't edit them (option is missing in the UI). Someone said the template xml files were missing in another thread, but I'm not sure I can do much about that...
  9. I have reinstalled unraid after update issues and it has rediscovered all my dockers etc. This plugin has lots of the following error: The template URL the author specified is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/binhex/docker-templates/master/binhex/krusader.xml. The template can be updated automatically with the correct URL. When I click "Apply Fix" I get the following error: ERROR: Missing template. Any ideas?
  10. Tried installing unraid to a spare USB drive I had (a 128GB Sandisk) but I just get told it is not bootable, perhaps it is too large. I wish I had not updated, between this and the horrible new UI I was better on 6.3!
  11. So I just put the USB into my main computer.... It shows as unallocated with no partitions. I guess that's that dead then. I assume the updater fucked something up. Is there a backup config on the array? How can I tell which drive was the parity drive if I do a new install? So frustrating :(
  12. Singer upgrading from 6.6.0 to 6.6.1 my unraid server will not boot, I just get a blinking cursor. Other places mention uefi boot etc, this is not what I'm doing and obviously BIOS settings have not changed since the update. Any ideas?
  13. Amazing, thanks! That has got me writes over 100MB/s, which I'm happy with. I'm fine with all the drives spinning, honestly with these being red pros and golds, I'm happier with them spinning 24-7 than the heads mounting/unmounting constantly.
  14. Currently I have 6x6TB WD Red Pros, and a 12TB WD Gold as parity. I have 2x256GB Samsung 830 SSDs as cache in JBOD. https://imgur.com/4P4Jts5 I have gigabit internet, so if I am downloading at line speed from newsgroups, I can fill the cache drives in less than 90 mins. As such I have mover running hourly, but it can't shift the data fast enough. Writes max out at about 50mbytes/sec to the array. All the HDDs are on an LSI controller, the SSDs are on the motherboard ports (H370). CPU is an i7 8700 and it has 32GB of ram. Am I just screwed short of say, a massive cache drive, or a big SSD as parity?
  15. Is there a way for me to install drivers for this controller? According to the website, they are open source - http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series-rr2840a-download.htm?ver=180605