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  1. Thanks for the info DarthLlama. This sounds like an FTB issue. I will reach out to them and let them know there is an issue with IE and the potential workaround. Out of pure curiosity... where do you stream? Wouldn't mind dropping in to have a peek at your work if that's OK. Thank you.
  2. Hi SilentStray. I have attempted to solve your problem. Please do the following and report back if there is an issue. 1. stop the FTB one container. 2. Navigate to the FTB one appdata folder and delete or remove the file serverinstall_97_2235 or similar. 3. Force update the FTB one container from the docker tab or wait for the update to show up in time (I pushed it to dockerhub and it takes time to update on the app store.) 4. start the container and hopefully enjoy the resolved issues. Also thanks for the holidays comment. I hope your holidays have been good.
  3. Hi Nokedr. I have redone a few of the files causing issues during downloading and writing ops permission in the modpack. You should now have OP permissions when loading into the world if listed in the Unraid template. Please let me know if the issue is resolved. Thanks. 1 Issue I'm fighting right now is that I cant get the server to show that its online properly in the Minecraft server list. This will be something I iron out over time, but you will still be able to join the server. I hope your holidays were good to you.
  4. Hello Nokedr. Sadly I am away from my server and computer until after the holiday season. When I return home... I will look into this immediately. There are a few options I can think of in the meantime. 1. Adding yourself as an OP from the unraid template should give you the ability of sender server commands from in game allowing other to become an OP too. 2. Manually adding yourself as an OP from the Docker appdata location while the container is stopped. I will update with more info as soon as I can. Thanks for using my Images and Merry Christmas.
  5. I have stated in the details of this post that I will not be taking requests at this time. However I looked at the modpack you mentioned and have decided that its a pack I think looks promising to me. I have decided to upload your request. It may take a few hrs to show up on the unraid store though. Also a side note... This pack is HUGE, so it will take an extremely long time to set up and start each restart. I also had it crash after first install and I was forced to restart the container but on second start it allowed me to join the server I created. If you have any issues please post here and tag my username in it. Thanks and enjoy.
  6. I'm glad it worked for you DarthLlama. Happy minecrafting 😁.
  7. DarthLlama, Please do the following and report back if the issue is fixed and or persists. 1. Please navigate to your Stoneblock 3 appdata folder and delete the "serverinstall_100_2288" file. (Only this file needs to be removed. Backup the server properties and world folder too if you want.) 2. Change the tag to gonjat/docker-ftbstoneblock3 or gonjat/docker-ftbstoneblock3:1.3.0 3. Test to see if the problems have been resolved. I hope the image I just re-pushed to dockerhub fixed the issue. Thanks.
  8. Hi DarthLlama sorry for the late reply. Haven't been feeling great this week and have been resting for most of it. I will be able to take a look shortly and try to push a fixed update of 1.3.0 if I can figure out the cause. Hopefully I can get it sorted quickly for you. Thanks for all the information so far!
  9. Hi Bulwark. I honestly cant figure out why it gets a permission denied warning. I have re-installed it after deleting the image and appdata folder without issues several times now. I know 2 people personally that have installed it as well without any issues. I will do some more investigating and return if I have any questions or found a solution. Where are you seeing the "permission-denied warnings"? in the docker log? any way I can see the text prior/post warning? and lastly, there is another stoneblock 3 image in the appstore... can you let me know if you get any similar warnings installing that one? I'm kinda stumped at the moment and would appreciate the help. Thanks. ***Edit Here is a link to a permission denied issue on this forum. Maybe something here can help like the permission tools. I honestly cant replicate your issue so its hard to say whats causing it. I would suggest deleting the app/ remove the image, delete the FTBStoneBlock3 folder in your appdata location, then try either the permissions tool and/or installing the app again. also make sure there isn't another FTBStoneBlock3 app with the same name from another repo installed. If so... rename this one to something like FTBStoneBlock3-2.
  10. Hello there! **************************************************************************************************** Unfortunately I have to put a hold on maintaining these docker apps for the time being. I have had some unfortunate problems arise and I will be away for quite some time. I will Update this page If and when I return. I hope you all understand and take care. Best wishes to you all. **************************************************************************************************** This is a support forum for GonjaT's Modded Minecraft Servers. DockerHub: https://hub.docker.com/u/gonjat If any questions, please tag my username so I get an instant email... I will be sure to answer them when I can. This is all new to me so expect an issue every now and again. I wont be taking requests at the moment either. If I do requests in the future... this will be updated. I will also be updating the pack versions as often as I can. Current Available Servers: StoneBlock 3 - https://www.feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/100-ftb-stoneblock-3 FTB One - https://www.feed-the-beast.com/modpacks/97-ftb-one Encrypted_ - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/encrypted_ Mechanical Mastery - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/mechanical-mastery Caveopolis - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/caveopolis Ragnamod VI - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ragnamod-vi More to come!
  11. Hi. I cant seem to get the official fjordur map to load on my server... under Map: I put fjordur and also FjordurOffical, both do not work. However when i do the first one i get line 72 error in launch script but when i do the 2nd one, I can see a server but its says in ark that the map is "ShooterEntry". any tips would be good. Like the actual map name i need to use.
  12. Oh sorry if I came across as rude.. I was under the impression it auto searches for updates itself. I didn't think you manually did the updates. My apologies. Thank you and have a great day Goobaroo!
  13. Hi. It appears that "All the Mods 7" is now 2 updates behind and the container hasn't pulled the new updates yet since they released. Not sure why but just wanting to let you know. Thanks.
  14. Hey Goobaroo 😁 I would love to see "Medieval Minecraft" added if you have any free time. I love the idea of stand alone packs and I really appreciate you putting all of these up! Have a wonderful day! *edit* maybe even "Rustic Waters II"
  15. Thats Insane that you did this for me lol. It is a very large pack. I just love these container because they just work when installed.. I dont need to mess with server files or anything (except the port #) I have 4 servers running in AMP, sorry I have 2 now thanks to you lol. It was a pain to get it up and running on AMP messing with server files etc. I only have ATM 6 and Better Minecraft 1.18 fabric left on amp. I would love to know how you build these containers so I dont need to trouble you lol. Thanks and have a great day!