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  1. That's awesome - where did you install the YaRSS2 plugin? In the Ubuntu VM or in the Appdata for the DelugeVPN?
  2. It's alive! Thanks for all your help and putting up with my noobish questions @wgstarks, you legend!
  3. Just tried. according to this the username is "localclient" but when I've tried to used that in the past it's said the username doesn't exist. The password is something ridiculously long, will give these details a go and see what happens
  4. Assuming you mean Midnight Commander by mc?
  5. so I'm setting up the GTK client in Ubuntu to get some plugins working. Trying to sign into the DelugeVPN Daemon but I've no idea what the default username and password are! It's probably noted somewhere in documentation that I've overlooked and trying "localhost" as the username and "deluge" as the password doesn't work. Any help would be awesome!
  6. ...the what now? 😅 I'm using the webUI with this, I'm a total newbie to this.
  7. I mean it was called YaRSS2-2.1.4 I kinda assumed lol
  8. It's... kinda worked, it's shown up in the list but enabling it doesn't change anything so I can't insert RSS feeds.
  9. As it was from the github i downloaded it from - YaRSS2-2.1.4-py3.6.egg
  10. so I dropped the .egg file into the plugins folder for binhex-delugevpn and it's not shown up after restarting the docker?
  11. Me again (sorry) Trying to install YaRSS2 to this docker, but it doesn't appear on the list when trying to install the egg?
  12. Right - apologies I've left this thread so long BUT here's the diagnostics from my unRAID... hope it provides some info... Just to recap - out of the blue a while ago my WebUI suddenly just stopped working and any time i try to access it (or any dockers) it times out.
  13. Hi all, So I kinda forgot about this issue for a while, went back yesterday to check if the WebUI was working and to my surprise - it was. Yesterday it was working fine with no issue and now suddenly, i've gone back and once again - it's now timing out and not working. Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if providing a diagnostics would prove useful?
  14. I've tried the IP but I've not tried the server name. I've used a network watcher to see if the device is still connected to the same IP it always has been and it is still on the same number. It did used to work, no changes were made to the server or network. I was going to update my unRAID when I noticed I wasn't able to get to the WebUI
  15. Hey all, So I've got a problem where I'm unable to access any WebUI (Uniraid or Dockers) on my system. Files I use through Uniraid are still working fine but I'm unable to access any UI. Any clue what I can do to troubleshoot this and find out what's going on? S.