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  1. Back again with Diags and logs from after the crash and no reboot. Do I have dodgy ssd?
  2. Hi Johnnie, Its back again. Had a solid week of no failures and now back to daily failures and reboots or array stop/start. I have the Dell R510 12 bay with 2 Internal Bays. The Sata Ports on the motherboard are permanently disabled so I can't use them and trying to get power to them is another challenge as well. I did come across another thread about downgrading the controller firmware to 16.00.00 (I think it was). But can't find again now. Otherwise I'll have to use a Mechanical HDD as a cache drive instead, which seems pointless.
  3. Hi Again, Not sure whats going on. Still no ssd cache drop, but logs are being spammed with the below. Is this because of the h200? I think the dell r510 has sata headers but no sata power, to power the drives. Should I uses a mechanical drive foe cache instead? Aug 2 17:39:23 unRAIDNAS ntfs-3g[11017]: Record 108627 has wrong SeqNo (12 <> 13) Aug 2 17:39:23 unRAIDNAS ntfs-3g[11017]: Could not decode the type of inode 108627 Aug 2 17:39:23 unRAIDNAS ntfs-3g[11017]: Could not decode the type of inode 229698 Aug 2 17:39:23 unRAIDNAS ntfs-3g[11017]: Cou
  4. Hi Jonnie, Diag attached. It hasn't happened since last reboot so not sure if it will show anything? Thank you.
  5. Hi All, Amateur here, so bare with me: Recently swapped all my drives to a DELL R510 with a H200 in IT Mode. Everything booted up as expected. After some time I couldnt access Plex, so off I went to check what was wrong: For some reason, my SSD Cache was showing under cache + Unassigned devices, both with different IDs (sdc and sdl) A reboot or stop start of the array resolves the problem, but only for a few hours. I had a play around (changing file system from btrfs to xfs) so logs are full of me playing around. TIA! un
  6. I removed the docker and config via CA Cleanup Appdata and reinstalled. So far so good.
  7. I started a post over on the Emby forums if anyone else has the same issue:
  8. Hi All, My emby docker keeps stopping itself, other docker are running OK. Rebooted my Unraid server but still happening. Lasts between 5 minutes to 15 minutes before it stops again. I can start it up again manually but it will eventually top itself again. Thanks in advance. Emby docker Log: Info App: Entry point completed: Emby.Server.MediaEncoding.Api.ApiEntryPoint. Duration: 0.0018157 secondsInfo App: Starting entry point Emby.Notifications.NotificationsInfo App: Entry point completed: Emby.Notif
  9. SOunds like a question for the NZBGet forums then. Sorry bud
  10. Go to settings>Incoming NZBS and see if DupeCheck is set to yes. You haven't cleared your HIDDEN History, have you? I think that also keeps a record of what has already downloaded. (Correct me if I am wrong).
  11. So I gave up on Hikvisions iVMS-4200 software. I setup iSPY and will look into Blue Iris somewhere down the track and after a little research on it.
  12. Tell me about it! That's why I went googling it. Poor choice of words/labelling on Hikvisions behalf. All it did was create data folders in the share. But now I have another hurdle. It drops the "Initialised" or "Formatted" HDD when I try setup the camera and goes back to uninitialised or unformatted because of the "Drive" size being to large. Its a bug on Hikvisions end ? Think I may have to move on to some other IP Cam software...
  13. Thank you both. Looks like I should have RTFM. Only issue is I have to "format" the drive (Share) first, before I can set quotas. I did a quick google search and the Hikvision forums say it not a real format so my data should be safe. It's only movies and shows, nothing important. It's taking a while so i'll post back with the results
  14. Hi All, I have no Linux knowledge at all, but am willing to learn. Just setup my unRAID and have NZBGet, Sonarr and radarr running. So far so good and loving it! Went and bought a Plus key after a few days. I do have a question for any that has Hikvision IP Cameras though. (More than likely my question below has been answered somewhere, but I couldn't find anything definitive on it). I have set up a Win 10 VM and i;m running Hikvisins iVMS Software. All is good but the problem is the way the camera record / save video files. They basic