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Another Nvidia Code 43 Win 10 VM Thread

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Hi All, 


Gonnna be a long one, been trying for a few days and as always with me, noob/tinkerer here:


Been playing with VM nVidia GPU Passthrough for my Win 10 VM and just can't get past the dreaded Code 43. (Lockdown boredom)


I may have a unique setup as I am running a dell r510 with a homemade eGPU. 

Dell r510

PCIe x4 to PCIe x16 adapter, plugged into 1 of the risers x8 slots.

GPU is a Gigabyte GT 610 (Also tried with a GT 710)


Been through Spaceinvaderones guides mutiple times and still just can't get it work. 

I am currently using vBIOS ROM using SI1s GPU script to get vBIOS ROM without header. Have also tried TechPowerUp ROM with header removed via HxD, Intalled card into another Windows machine and downloaded CPUz vBIOS, with no success.



Created multiple VMs with combinations of all the below:


i440fx 5.1 and Q35 5.1

Hyper-v on and off

xml edited with KVM hidden state on

VFIO bind "on and off"

GPU IMMOU grouped and ungrouped


Current XML attached.

Has  <feature policy='disable' name='hypervisor'/> as this was my last attempt before starting this thread. Have tried with and without this line.


I have had a few attempts where driver in Device Manger was working, but after a while, Code 43 appears.


Pretty sure I have gone through all UNRAID and Reddit threads on the issue and tried all the suggested fixes, just cannot get this working.

Let me know if theres any other diags that need to be shared

Vm XML.txt

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