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  1. Quick update... By setting the RAID card to enable JBOD, I was able to get it to pass through all the drives without RAIDing them. so that's great, but now, with 3 old iron wolf drives lying around, I'm getting whole bunch of udma crc errors... which from I'm reading is likely a cable issue? Well I basically have just the backplane with the sff 8643 cables coming out to the RAID card, which connects through what I assume is just a PCIe slot. There's some other connectors that look similar to 10 pin mobo power supply connectors, but I can't see where those go, I'd assume the bott
  2. Hello, I've been running UNRAID on a pretty standard 8 bay mini itx case for a few years now, and I've started to outgrow it. So, to dip my toes into the proper server waters, I picked up one of these (not that specific listing, I got a slightly different config on ebay for $200, missing CPU, RAM, Drives, and a RAID/SAS card. I'm fairly certain I've got the CPU, RAM, and HDD's (though the drive sleds it came with don't support standard HDDs... so I bought some new ones that are gonna take a month to ship... I just have a drive kind of, in there for now.) covered at this
  3. Ahhh, they're just the library names... so if I wanted the documentary portion to work, I'd have to split out all my documentaries into separate libraries. Got it. Thank you very much for clarifying that. And let me know if I can help at all on the all locations map, though I'm guessing it'd be more difficult to collaborate. Mostly just didn't mean to shove that off on you, thank you for your help though! And thanks to @hogfixer too!
  4. Am I the only one who can't get the "Documentary Shows" and "Anime Shows" counters working? Not sure how it's pulling this genre information, or if I could change it to pull a different genre, but mine just show N/A: I'd love to get these working and be able to tweak them if possible. Haven't been able to dig up anything on how to do that though. Also, I'd love to add a map that shows all the locations of the IP addresses I've ever streamed to (not just the one's I'm actively streaming to) if possible. Any help is appreciated! This is so cool though, tha
  5. Curious if the status on this has changed recently? Due to quarantine I've been doing more simultaneous plex streams at once (sharing with friends/family), and I'm outgrowing the Ryzen 7 1700 I've been using since I built this server a few years ago. I'm in the process of looking for a new rack mounted case so I can expand my number of drives, and I was thinking about switching to use my RTX 2070 super to handle the streams (this site estimates it could do 27 streams... which should be plenty I hope: I haven't looked into ru
  6. Uhhh, I don't think so? I pulled that path from the QDirStat container I have to check on file sizes: If I SCP directly into the server, the path of the file is "/mnt/user/domains/Plex", so its in the default "domains" share, which appears to be where the VM files are stored.
  7. Hello, I use unraid primarily to host my Plex server. I set it up a couple years ago now and it's been mostly on auto pilot, with me downloading media files on a VM (the only one I have listed on the VM's tab currently), and plex runs as the linuxserver docker container. Works great. Recently I've started running low on storage space (if you have any hot tips for getting cheap server rack cases, I managed to get a rack for free and am now watching ebay/craigslist hoping to find a good deal on a case with at least 15+ hot swappable drive slots), so I've been digging th
  8. Worked for me too. Thank you very much.
  9. Sorry, where is that path starting from?
  10. Bump. I'm having the same issue. Tried stopping and starting the container several times, disabling pinning in settings... Any suggestions