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  1. Thanks for the help, I will have a look at the HDHomeRun!
  2. Hi, I am running the LinuxServer Docker for plex and have a plex pass. I'm looking to setup up the Live tv and recording funcitonality however I am struggling to find out how to do this. I found the LinuxServer DVB docker however there was a comment on there recently stating this was being deprecated. Basically can anyone explain to me what hardware I need to buy and how to setup the software? I was looking to just get a USB Tuner card. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi, I am trying to get airsonic to be visible on my external domain. I followed spaceinvaderone's video on setting up reverse proxy for nextcloud however I can not figure out how to implement this for air sonic. I have next cloud up and running however dont know what needs to be put in the conf file for airsonic any help is much appreciated thanks
  4. Hey, just gone to install your docker and it is throwing an error about the port forwarding Error: portTested: HTTP error 0: No Response I did some looking online and saw I need to add the DNS flag to the docker-compose.yml file but I do not know how to do this any help would be much appreciated Thank you
  5. How would I go about setting up transmission to use a VPN from PIA so that all traffic goes through the VPN ? therefore allowing plex to run without the vpn allowing for plex to have remote access easily enabled ? I have a basic idea about docker with these being almost like VM's and jails on freenas however I have messed around with docker yet. Thanks
  6. So say I got 2 2tb for my data then a third sau 6 or 8tb drive for parity would this be sufficient as I just had a read of the parity section in the wiki and the way I read it was that the parity just has to be larger or equal to the largest drive ? So for example say I have a 8tb parity then I could fill every drive slot with anything up to and including 8tb without a problem even if in total I had 24tb(three 8tb) of storage but just one 8tb parity ?
  7. Looking to set up a server and after looking through all the operating systems available I have decided on unraid mainly because of freenas using ZFS and therefore not being able to add in extra drives at will. However, I wanted to check that everything I want to do is possible with unraid. I was looking to have transmission setup to go through private internet access VPN and for transmission to be fed with sonarr and radarr and for plex to running on a separate vm/docker to allow plex to be seen. Is this kind of setup possible and easy to do? Further, I wanted to be able to add new drives in the future with a plan to start off with 2 2tb drives is this just a plug new drives in and add to the pool? Thanks