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  1. I am unable to access the web UI. I can install, configure, and have the container start. However, when I go to the web UI I get a "unable to connect" error. I am unsure how to test to see if it is a connection to the MySQL db that is causing issues or an improper configuration of the container. I am able to successfully connect to the MySQL db using MySQL Workbench using the same credentials that I am using in the bookstack container. Sorry for the vague issue, I'm at a loss as to where to start troubleshooting. Thanks EDIT: Ive got it running now. After filling out an ID10T form I noticed the small log button on the for right of the docker page. I noticed the container was throwing up errors relating to not being able to connect to the database server. I was originally trying to use the MySQL database container on CA Apps. I switched over to MariaDB and tried to administer the database using MySQL workbench. I still could not get the bookstack container running so I followed the instructions here (which is what I should have done from the beginning) and set up the MariaDB container accordingly. So long story short, I learned to actually read the docs and to not use MySQL Workbench for editing a Maria database.
  2. I have a 16.04.2 Ubuntu Server running in a VM on my 6.5.2 unRAID Server. The VM was formally set at a 50G cap but I figured out how to expand that on the webgui to 200G. Now the Ubuntu VM is still complaining about not having enough space so I need to re-partition the drive in the VM to utilize the added space. The partitioned needing to be expanded is set up as LVM if that matters. I know a drive needs to be unmounted before it can be re-partitioned so is there a way to boot a live iso, such as the GParted Live bootable image, in unRAID like there is in virtualBox for example? I don't know what all to list here so I can provide information about the VM and partitions as needed. Thanks