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  1. 11 when it is still able to Launch (7 data, 1 parity, 1 unassigned, 2 cache pool) and 12 when I am no longer able to. I just checked my psu (Evga 450 BT Bronze), and its a single rail PSU, so that idea is out the window. My last thought is that maybe I didn't pay close enough attention, and either Cable A or Cable B was used twice, and one of the cables is the problem after all... I'm ordering a Molex-to-SATA power cable that a different community of server builders strongly recommends, hopefully this will fix the issue.. Though I don't know how it could! If it were simply a bad quality cable, I don't know why the server wouldn't start at all.. Edit: With a parity rebuild operation in progress, and two people transcoding Plex, my UPS shows me pulling 280 watts. So I really don't think its an overloading issue...
  2. Hello, I ordered 3 new hard drives, 1 to replace a failing one and two for upgrading storage. Replacing the failing one provided no problems, I did it by itself before adding the two new drives. However, when I went to add the other two drives, the server would turn on / run, but unraid was not accessible. In addition, it seemed like whenever both drives were connected, the server didn't "properly start up" - for example, when I clicked the power button on front, it instantly powered off with no beeps. When the server is running properly, it has a few beeps and takes maybe 30-45 seconds to actually turn off when you click the power button. So, I tested each Cable and Drive independently, and everything was fine. I plug in Drive A with Cable A, server starts up, WebUI is accessible, new drive exists. Same story when I plug in Drive B with Cable B. So both cables and drives are proven to be OK. However, when I plug them both in at the same time, the server does its weird "improper" startup, and WebUI is inaccessible... Frankly, my case is an absolute mess of cables and stuff, so i'm not sure where exactly Cable A and Cable B source their power from. I *THINK* one is on the sata rail, and one is on the molex rail, but they both might be on the molex rail? (Using Molex->Sata converters) Is it possible i'm overloading the molex rail? (I know the PSU itself isn't overloaded, I run at ~250Watts peak and I have a 450W PSU) I don't know what to check, at this point, lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..
  3. Hey, I added two drives to my server today... However, when I booted it back up, I only saw one drive. So I powered off again, changed how those two new drives received power, and tried to boot back up to see if that fixed it. However, when I booted back up, I was no longer able to connect to Tower//, and after a few restarts i'm still not able to connect to Tower//, which means I can't bring the server online or do anything... Any suggestions? Update: I used a cheap, MOLEX - to - 2SATA splitter, and for some reason, even being plugged into the system prevented it from booting. Who knows why.
  4. Hope this is allowed, bump. Still not sure how to approach this issue
  5. Hello, I installed my UPS a few months ago and everything was fine up to a couple weeks ago. Ever since I get a bunch of errors stating that communications has been lost, and then restored, over and over. I have attached my diagnostics as well as a photo of the errors popping up. I also receive tons of emails with these errors. Please advise? Do I need to send the UPS back? tower-diagnostics-20181206-0300.zip Update: I recently added another small power-draw to the circuit my system was on. After removing this, all the symptoms of the UPS and the other gaming PC I had on the breaker, disappeared.
  6. Hello, my system just ran a parity scan and came back with 3022 errors. I have not ran a parity scan since it had an unclean shutdown. Parity is now valid, and everything seems good to go. Just wondering if I should be worried - a search led me to a similar post about a person tripping over their power cord and shutting it off, causing these errors. Thanks all. (And i've invested in a UPS, haha!) edit: added diagnostics tower-diagnostics-20181001-2327.zip
  7. Updated this docker and experiencing lots of problems now. WebUI shows speeds as 'udnefined', and lots of stuff (eg, torrent name, size, etc) are all blank. Removed the docker/reinstalled, Tried again with additional step of deleting all appdata for qbittorrent, problem persists... Not sure what else to do.
  8. Well, such is life. They are spun up 24/7 for seeding anyways. Only the parity I really care about and it sounds like ya'll are doing what you can. Thanks you and the other poster for time. Have a good night
  9. Sorry folks, i'm realizing now just how bad my original wording was. I really do apologize. The diagnostics above is exactly what you've stated, I just personally felt it didn't contain much because the error is spammed every few seconds and has been going on for an unknown amount of time. I don't know how to get logs from when the error begins because I don't know exactly what is causing it, or when it starts. (thats what my terrible wording was trying to imply) Edit: I have confirmed its related to spinning the disks down. I set default spindown delay to 'Never' and my log is silent. So, i'm guessing the errors occur somewhere around 20mins after unRAID starts. Lol! I use this RAID controller: SAS9201-8I LSI Perhaps it is related to my issue. The only drive i've ever sucessfully seen spin down is one of my SATA drives, which obviously isn't on the controller. What a bummer if it is related...
  10. Sorry if I was unclear johnnie.black, the errors are currently being spammed in my log. I just said they're useless because they've been spammed for an unknown amount of time, and so the only info in there I copy-pasted in my post. I'll assume you already know know this and i'm being dumb, so after the next reboot i'll post back with a new log (before/after, just to be safe)
  11. Sep 12 23:42:26 Tower kernel: mdcmd (183756): spindown 7 Sep 12 23:42:26 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk7: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 Sep 12 23:42:26 Tower emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2639: Input/output error (5): write Sep 12 23:42:28 Tower kernel: mdcmd (183757): spindown 0 Sep 12 23:42:28 Tower emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2639: Input/output error (5): write Sep 12 23:42:28 Tower kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk0: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 Sep 12 23:42:28 Tower kernel: mdcmd (183758): spindown 7 My log being spammed over and over with this junk. Varies between Disk 0 and Disk 7. Disk 0 is (I think) my parity drive - seems to be working great (no smart errors..) Disk 7 is my 7th disk, (of course!), and it also.. *seems* to be working good? I have space settings set to fill-up, and disk 6 isn't full yet so I haven't really been able to check its performance. Only similarity between these drives is their lack of use (I am writing to my cache pool so parity isn't necessary, and disk 7 isn't up to bat for storing data yet) So it seems like unraid *wont* spin these disks down? I don't really care, just curious why/what's going on. Most of my disks are spun 24/7 anyways.. but these two should be spun down I think. Edit: I added diagnostics but they're probably useless. I restarted my unraid box yesterday and within first few mins of booting didn't get these issues. (So restarting and getting new logs probably won't help, either.) Any advice? tower-diagnostics-20180912-2346.zip
  12. Ah, I dug around and found the setting under Global Share settings. It is at 20GB, i'll change that to 90GB when I stop the array next 🙂 Thankyou for the advice
  13. They were previously at : Warning disk usage: 99% Critical disk usage: 100% That was probably the issue. I set it Warning: 80%, Critical: 90%, hopefully that is much safer!
  14. Thanks a bunch for your help. The unraid box is now up and running again perfectly. I didn't even have to restore appdata or do anything, just a restart after mover/balancer ran fixed everything. You're the man!! Is there any way to prevent this happening again? Or should I just be extra careful to not let my cache drive pool get full?
  15. Sorry to be obnoxious - this is with the mover running and that command I just posted also "running" - right? Its safe to restart? I'm nervous because mover *seems* to be working, and I have some sensitive data i'd rather let finish moving if restarting is gonna mess up my cache (I know how sensitive BTRFS can be) Edit: that command finished, its output is : Done, had to relocate 158 out of 586 chunks (log still being spammed however) Edit2: Its late, i'm gonna head to bed and try restarting tomorrow. Hopefully it will be fixed, as mover will have ran and the balance is already done. I'm praying a restart fixes it at this point, lol. Thanks for your help and assistance so far.