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  1. If you attempt to play the ISO using other devices such as a windows machine, do the playback issues still occur? OK. I normally don't play BluRay's on my Windows machine but I kludged together a setup that will do it. (One of my movie-watching setups has a 120" 2.35:1 screen!) I used Virtual CroneDrive to mount the ISO and then Used CyperLink PowereDVD8 to play it. The bluRay played normally. This is good but it does really address my issue (and probably a lot of other people who have older media players that they want to use). I am surmising that some of the recent 'upda
  2. Hi, just upgraded from 10a to 12 without problems. I don't use plugins. Unraid here is a pure file server. I've a suggestion for the new interface. Is it possible to use more colors and not only percentages for USED disk space/utilisation in the dashboard and main tab ? For example 0-70% = green 70 - 90% = orange 90 - 100% = red Thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. The check finished with 1 error and suggested the --rebuild-tree option. Running it now... To Be Continued...
  4. Hi, This is my first "real" problem with UNRAID. Today one data disk (disk 7) shows UNFORMATTED (green ball). What to do next with no data loss ? Thanks in advance ! Here is a part of the system log where it goes wrong. Oct 9 22:35:28 Tower emhttp: shcmd (110): mkdir -p /mnt/disk7 Oct 9 22:35:28 Tower emhttp: shcmd (111): set -o pipefail ; mount -t reiserfs -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/md7 /mnt/disk7 |& logger Oct 9 22:35:28 Tower kernel: REISERFS (device md7): found reiserfs format "3.6" with standard journal Oct 9 22:35:28 Tower kernel: REISERFS (device m
  5. OK, I'll stick with the 4 GB RAM then. Indeed I only use my Unraid server as a big NAS. It's not even 24/24 on. Only when I watch blu-ray movies and copy a backup image to the server. I've other NAS devices (QNAP and Synology) for more functions and 24/24 online.
  6. Hi, I've now upgraded unRaid to the latest version v6.0beta6 64bit. My question is. Are there any benefits upgrading my RAM to 8 or 16GB ? I don't use plugins. I use unraid only for data storing (blu-ray en backups) Thanks
  7. No problems with RC15 (running stock config no plugins)
  8. All is running fine here (RC12a). Realtek 8112L No plugins used. from my logs: eth0: Identified chip type is 'RTL8168D/8111D'. r8168 Copyright © 2012 Realtek NIC software team
  9. It looks it was the split level ! With the setting=1 the mover tried every time to copy to disk 2. No matter what allocation method. I changed it to 4 for testing with "high level" method and now the mover copies to the new disk9. Can this caused by creating subfolders in the past ? I don't fully understand the split level. I used split level=1 because I want all the files from 1 movie on the same disk. EDIT: I changed the split level to 2. If I understand the manual correct then It was my fault by creating the subfolders. EDIT2: OK....it works again. The mover
  10. OK, I created the "BLURAY" directory manually on disk 9 and now it shows up. In the past it worked well when adding a new drive but in the mean time I changed the structure a bit. I created extra subfolders with letters (A, B, etc.) for better overview. Still the mover wants to put > 25GB on disk2 with only 13GB available. I'm changing now to high water and see what happens. BRB. The structure looks like this.
  11. I have rebooted the server many times but it does not help. I can't expand my array (shared folders) any more. :( :(
  12. Hi My server worked perfect over the last 1,5 year but somehow it behaves strange now. For some reason the mover put it's files on a disk that is full. For example. When I copy a 25GB file it want to copy onto a drive (drive2) that has only 13GB free. Also when I test it with a small file (5GB) it want to copy it always to the same drive. No matter what Allocated Method I use. I expanded my array with A new 2TB drive but it does not help. I can't get Disk9 show up in the shared BLURAY folder. The 25GB file still wants to copy to the drive with only 13GB left. I used
  13. Any drive with write speeds >100MByte/sec will do just fine. Your network speed is the bottleneck. I've a 5400rpm 1,5TB cache drive and it is limited by the network speed (gigabit network) and i'm getting speeds around 100MB/sec.