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  1. I should've made an edit. I'm doing it on the sftp server with this script (wrote it myself) already, on an ubuntu vm.
  2. Not even a single reply...
  3. Hello I'd like to request the ability to give a maximum size you want a certain share to be. I read this post but I believe it would be possible if you allowed a script to run that basically checks the share size with du or so and then makes it read only if it's the given size or higher. I wanted to allow SFTP before I made an ubuntu vm for it and I noticed that with each reboot it would revert the files I changed (due to it being on RAM to limit write usage to the usb stick) so diy'ing this isn't possible as far as my knowledge goes on unraid. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello I've setup a few shares for multiple users. For instance "Documents", both read and write access by 3 users. No issues. Can write and read for aslong as I want. A 2nd folder called "Writes", both read and write access by 3 users (1 mutual being my own - mathieu) doesn't allow me to write. Sometimes it even bugs the permissions causing it to be (from ls -al) d????????? ??? ??? some numbers Writes/ which also prevents me from even being able to read it. (it just disappears from the SFTP access) The SFTP access is being handled through an Ubuntu 18.04 vm. This is what my fstab looks like: Tried adding the uids after it bugging, doesn't help. I've also noticed that the command "tree" is bugged, while having it installed and working correctly before, error: (IDK if relevant) As we're speaking it's bugged again, remounted the shares yesterday so roughly 34 hours ago, from writing. (then it worked fine) Now I'm missing all my folders as user student and mathieu except for Documents and movies. Using umount -av and mount -av obviously fixes this "issue". Any idea how to fix this? I assume it's because of SMB? I can't write in /Shared for instance now while the user in the webgui has read and write access. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm encountering another problem, I'm trying to remove the unraid share mounting tags. The 3rd one has been renamed. It keeps on adding the 4th one to ones I delete. If I try to remove them all at once I get this error: Now I've changed it to this since I don't want to use these anymore. (need more than 7 mounting points and am going to use smb now)
  6. A reboot fixed that, downloading the update now.
  7. Yeah I've noticed that. I've always been told don't update what isn't broken... Will do that now.
  9. I know, I'm not saying that I'm trying to login on the webui as another user. I need to create this users to setup share permissions. "Since I want to change share security I need a webgui user. "
  10. Hello I've currently got 8 users (already) and I need a few more. However I can click on add but it doesn't do anything. I've also tried using incognito mode but it doesn't change anything. Since I want to change share security I need a webgui user. Thanks in advance