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  1. I'll continue to test out using the Cloudflare DoH and if there is latency or it turns out using DoH for everything isnt preferred, I can always go back to using a variety of unencrypted upstream DNS servers in Pi-hole. Anyways, thanks again for the container. It's pretty nice to have ad blocking on my phone again since I havent rooted my phone in quite a while.
  2. You're right, I could use Cloudflare's app but I would loose the ad blocking. By default, the pihole-template container was configured to use Cloudflare's DNS as an upstream but the connection from Pi-hole to the upstream is not using DoH. I get that the connection from my phone to your container is using DoH, but are all of the queries from your container (whether its pointed to Pi-hole or the default Cloudflare and Google upstreams) also using DoH? The way I have it set up now, I get a DoH connection from phone to your container and get the benefit of blocking ads as
  3. Well I took it a step further and set up the cloudflared container and set that as the only upstream DNS server for Pi-hole. So, when connected to the doh-server via Intra, I get ad blocking and pass the DoH test. And internally, I can also point DNS to my Pi-hole container and get the same thing!
  4. I set up the DoH server with Pi Hole per your guide and am able to connect to it with my phone through Intra and I see that it is blocking ads, but when I browse to I see that I am not using DoH so I just wanted to see if it is working correctly or not. Thanks!
  5. I was able to reduce the amount of memory this container uses and fix these messages by adding the following to GITLAB_OMNIBUS_CONFIG: postgresql['shared_buffers'] = '256MB'; sidekiq['concurrency'] = 15; prometheus_monitoring['enable'] = false;