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  1. Hello all and thanks in advance. My motherboard and usb flash crashed on my server. Long story, but I have them up and running and was able to copy my unraid usb back up to my new usb stick. Problem is when I go to replace the key the install give me this error, "ERROR, bad or missing key file URL". I have a email into support but any advice would help greatly. As of right now, I cannot start my array. Thanks again.
  2. Is there a support number for unraid? Or is it all support by users? Willing to pay for support to get my server up and running again.
  3. Now my system won't even boot up. I just get a flashing cursor after running my bios checks.
  4. Looking for a little help and guidance for my Unraid server. I am having random reboots of my server (causing unclean shutdown) and I can't figure out what is going on. I can't run a parity backup because it keep rebooting. I try to run Memtest on the loading DOS screen and all it does is reboots. Any help is appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20190807-0400.zip
  5. No new hardware upgrades. Only thing new are a couple of dockers. I currently just have my Plex docker started and it has been running with not problems. Going to slowly add my dockers back and see if this is the problem.
  6. Server is rebooting/crashing on it own. if I look at my terminal it says "kernel panic not syncing" then i goes thru the normal reboot process. When it reboot I get the unclean error so I reboot the system and restart the array. If I don't reboot the system, parity check will start and it reboots again without completing the parity check.
  7. I am having issues with my Unraid server randomly reboot causing an unclean shutdown. Please help! tower-diagnostics-20190803-0233.zip
  8. I will try this. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Please help...I am having issues with my Unraid system and unclean shutdowns. I am not a computer programmer. Any help or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. tower-diagnostics-20190803-0233.zip
  10. I am having an issue that started last week, where my Unraid Server will just randomly reboot giving me an unclean shutdown. I have run Fix Common Problems and nothing shows up. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Is anyone else have this error "Conversion failed. A required codec could not be found or failed to install." on playback of h.264 files? Since the update I haven't been able to watch this files. Thanks in advance.
  12. Looking for some help. Thanks in advance!! Having an issue where my unused drives will not stay spun down in hibernation. All drives are staying on. I will try spin down button and individually spin the drive down, but they keep firing up. The most recent plug-in I installed was Disk Location. Could this be the culprit?
  13. Do I transfer the whole "Plex Media Server" folder over?
  14. Is it possible to transfer my Plex Metadata from my Plex Media Server on my computer running Windows 10 to the Plex Unraid docker?