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  1. First of all, thx for the plugin! I'm no expert, and I've been trying to get this to life with a bunch of web apps such as drupal or vanilla forums (wordpress works miraculously), but there's something going on with the utf8 encoding. Drupal gave me tons of errors saying something's not cool like: Warning: site:drupal.org in drupal_validate_utf8() Anyone any similar experience?
  2. Replacing the PSU fan is simple, cut the cable, solder the red with the red and the black with the black wire. You can lead the cable as show attached.
  3. I've just replaced my fan in the PSU, it had hell of a sound. So far so good, I hope it won't melt the system, according to the specs the new fan is better than the original one. I used this one: http://skinflint.co.uk/eu/265947
  4. You are right, the link for the bios flash is dead. Try this: http://www.avforums.com/forums/networking-nas/1521657-hp-n36l-microserver-updated-ahci-bios-support.html
  5. You can easily flash the BIOS of the server to support 6 disks, see Jens' guide on the previous page. AFAIK PCI-E slots are backwards compatible so the x1 card should work fine in either the x4 or the x16 slot but this needs confirmation. For the Passport - I've removed a WD Disk from a MyBook Essential (WD15EARX) and it worked just fine in unRAID, so I believe it would be the same with the Passport.
  6. You guys convinced me about not using Time Machine, instead I've set up a CCC job to run once a day. That's completely enough for me, the super important stuff is in my Dropbox anyways. I don't need version history at all.
  7. OK I think I managed to understand how this works. This script loops in an endless cycle and checks a few things including disk and network activity. If no activity is registered a counter starts from 45 and decreases by one each minute. Once it reaches zero a shutdown occurs. Right? Edit: it works like a charm. Even WOL is working fine from my Mac with a widget. Thanks!
  8. Clean powerdown is a package from unmenu to stop the array in a controlled manner before reboot or shutdown. Even when I disabled the EM was the same. Checked the auto_s3_sleep script with -xv and it gave no error, detected the disks as idle when powered down. However the error happens when I press the Sleep button. Is there another script which is called by the "Sleep" button from the Web GUI? EDIT: Cool! I have it, it's the following: "echo -n mem >/sys/power/state" in SimpleFeatures include command.php it says "bash: echo: write error: No such device"
  9. I know that S3 is not supported. I've removed the TCP check, and the powerDownInsteadOfSleep is enabled. Same EM. Can the Clean_Powerdown interfere with your script?
  10. Even try FTP, I have N36L as well, and I could reach 100MB/s to a 7200 cache drive
  11. Jens, Can you please tell me how this sleep script of your should it work? When I press the sleep button the log states it goes to sleep, and immediately wakes after. In reality nothing happens. Does this need a specific simpleFeatures package (I'm using 0.9b)? Or am I missing something? console says sh: error line 0 echo no such device or something like that thx Zoltan