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  1. I just had my Plex database corrupt irreversibly with no backup (my own fault I know) on rc4. Echoing what others have said, I tried to stick it out for as long as possible to help contribute my reports in order to get a resolution, but it's taking up too much time. I will be reverting back to the last stable version to get a break from this issue.
  2. Interesting update here. Because sonarr was still partially functional, I actually just ignored the corruption messages in the logs and just kept it running. Surprisingly this morning I checked sonarr and it was 100% functional with no additional errors in the logs. I tried searching for media, downloading, adding to Plex, etc and it all worked fine. Going to just let it ride and assume it's all good for now
  3. I went through and rebuilt my databases from scratch for Plex, sonarr, and radarr the other day and I am now experiencing some weird behavior with the sonarr database. It is corrupting with similar messages in the logs, but the container can be restarted, unlike before rc3. The app is generally responsive, but I have noticed that it won't reliably interact with the download client. After a while, the sqlite errors return to the logs. I'm not really sure what to do at this point but I can provide my diagnostics again. serenity-diagnostics-20190924-0250.zip
  4. I was worried that would be the case. Here are the diagnostics, I can rebuild the databases in the next few days. serenity-diagnostics-20190919-0257.zip
  5. I updated to rc3 this morning and have been hitting sonarr/radarr/plex hard all day with loading new media as sort of a stress test, sad to report that both sonarr and radarr have become corrupted at some point in the last hour or two. I started the morning with uncorrupted (but not fresh) databases. I am just going to restore from the backup I made earlier and hope it doesn't happen again. If there is anything else I should do to prevent this let me know.
  6. sonarr and radarr have now also become corrupted
  7. I have been deleting the current db, go to the most recent backup, copy/paste as the new db and restart the container. This method has worked best for me. I have never been able to fix the db successfully, and rebuilding from scratch hasn't seemed to improve time between corruption.
  8. Pretty sure. I didn't check the actual databases for signs of corruption with sqlite before updating, but I did restart my Plex/Sonarr/Radarr dockers and check the logs for corruption errors. I also did the same check after upgrading to -rc1
  9. I upgraded to -rc1 last night and already have plex database corruption. After the upgrade, I added a bunch of media through sonarr/radarr/plex and noticed the corruption today. Not sure what else I need to report here.
  10. I have had this issue for the past 2 months or so. Initially it affected only plex but it has started affecting sonarr and radarr as well. I seem to experience the corruption at a much greater frequency than others have reported. Often I will have to restore each database 2-3+ times per week. I have thoroughly read the other thread and implemented every precaution/fix listed there (appdata is set to disk1, plex update every hour, sonarr and radarr disconnected from plex, etc.) I spent this morning making sure all of the databases were up to date and uncorrupted, and then upgraded to unraid 6.7.2. Unfortunately not even 8 hours later, Plex is corrupted. I am extremely motivated to help find a fix for this issue. I have attached my server diagnostics and I am willing to spend time testing/providing any other logs necessary. Thank you for taking the time to look into this. serenity-diagnostics-20190702-0021.zip
  11. I updated my original post. I also removed the newline. make sure yours looks like mine and you wont get that error.
  12. This morning after updating I was getting the following error that prevented deluge from starting up. I went to that shell script and removed the first backslash in front of that snippet and restarted and it started working again. Since it seems like others are having this problem, this is exactly what I changed in case you want to copy me while we wait for an official fix.