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  1. Plex container does not have any parameters so in bridge mode it does not show any up:port mappings on docker page. However when running host this mapping is shown so that I know which unraid port data is consumed by this docker image
  2. Updated to bridge and this is correct. Also screens show correctly. Host mode port usage and comparison is quite hard as used ports are not in lists of used ports
  3. Do not know if issue is new with 6.8.1 but docker port mappings does not work/show correctly. I’ve got UniFi controller as docker image with opened UDP port 10001 but it does not show up in ip:port mappings on Docker page. I can see that Docker re-start this is a parameter but UnRaid not seeing it and most probably not open as unifi AP cannot adopt and this port is used for it
  4. UNRAID with x11ssh-ctf with Xeon e3-1275v6 just build. Perfect motherboard for my usage. No hassle with extra cards. Just updated LSI3008 card from IR mode to IT mode to get direct HBA. Working nicely. Anyone thinking for this this motherboard should take account that mini SAS hd connector cables are quite expensive. However Fractal Design Node 804 case and 50cm length cables are just perfect match!