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  1. @joshbgosh10592 Did you ever get this figured out, because I've got the same issue I believe.
  2. @Skylord123 I didn't change any paths I kept everything default. So if there was supposed to be data in that path there wasn't. I don't have a back up plan at the moment. Is Crash Plan another docker?
  3. @Skylord123 I ran that command and this is what I got. It doesn't look too promising. @spants I ran It created a new mynodered container and it opened. So probably just chalk it up NodeRed-OfficialDocker to a loss and start fresh?
  4. I recently setup HomeAssistant Core, MQTT, and NodeRed in Docker and everything was going well, then I rebooted my computer and now NodeRed won't open. The log gives me the following error, but I have no idea what it's talking about. If anyone can walk me through what went wrong that'd be great. I have no expertise in this. I saw other comment with similar problems elsewhere, but they talked about multiple users and a bunch of terminal commands. I set this up without through the Community Applications menu without any commands. Also, I'm not running multiple users. All I have is root. I also tried navigating to that file, but I couldn't find it. /usr/src/ doesn't contain node-red it only has linux-4.19-98-Unraid folder